Newbie questions

Hi everyone, just joined and posted our first listing for a short house sit at end of June.

Would appreciate some feedback on our listing - what do I need to improve?
How long should I expect it to take before I receive applications?
What if I don’t receive applications?
I followed the advice about adding the listing to my profile, but did I do it right?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think it sounds lovely though a short sit wouldn’t work for me. I had to manually edit your link though and remove the “/message/” at the end to make it work. It would probably be good to put “https://” at the beginning to make it clickable.

Hi @jcvbva. Thanks for your reply and suggestions for @JulietAnn. Just so you both know, links in new forum members’ profiles aren’t clickable initially. They only become clickable or “live” after the member has interacted a bit in the community. This is one of the ways THS and our platform, Discourse, protect our members from scammers.

Happy Memorial Day @jcvbva!

Thank you for feedback. I am not sure how to edit the link

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Hi @JulietAnn - welcome to trusted housesitters.

Your listing looks great and Ilkley is beautiful so I predict that you will get some applications very soon - I will eat my :cowboy_hat_face: if you don’t!

Good Luck!


Thanks Colin, that is really reassuring. :smile:

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Welcome @JulietAnn . Looks wonderful. Love Ilkley. Grew up in York so know what a wonderful area you are lucky to live in.
Btw looks like you were on Ilkley Moor without a hat!! :laughing:

@richten1 - Moor! Baht 'at! never! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @JulietAnn
Fred & Holly look gorgeous & I’d love to look after them one day, but probably for longer.
The only thing I don’t see in your listing is how long can they be left at home?

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thanks @Smiley. I will add that info to my profile.

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I’ve saved your listing although can’t help this time but hopefully some time in the future. I’ve housesat in Ilkley before and have been invited back for next April, so maybe we could meet. I’ll message you nearer the time. Good luck!

Hi @JulietAnn and welcome. I also think your sit looks great. I’ve been sitting in the Dales and would certainly have applied for this. I’m sure you’ll get applicants.


You’ve created a great listing, @JulietAnn, have two gorgeous dogs and live in a wonderful location. The only thing that could be included, especially where it’s been recently discussed on the forum, is including where the dogs sleep as this can be a deal-breaker! As it is only a short sit, it may take a little longer to attract sitters but it’s often very hard to predict. Give it time and you can always boost your listing, or remove the dates for a short period, then add them again and re-list. This will make it a New listing once again.

Thanks for the advice and reassurance @temba. I have to admit I have woken this morning a little disheartened to see we have no applicants, but it sounds like I need to be patient. Should I directly invite sitters that I like? Does that tend to help or not? When should i boost? Now a little :worried: i have everything booked, but no sitter - eek.

Yes when you in Ilkley next it would be great to meet and would love you to consider sitting for us :smile:

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Remember @JulietAnn the Northern Hemisphere sitters have also just woken so it’s not surprising you haven’t had any applications overnight!
Directly inviting sitters isn’t as successful as listing it unless they’re new sitters in your local area who might be interested to do a local sit and get their first important review. It doesn’t happen overnight for most sits so be a little patient!

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thank you @temba - patience is something I do know I lack and need to foster. I have worked on my listing to point out the wonderful things about our house and town and have made sure sitters know dogs do not need to sleep with them :smiley:


HI @JulietAnn you do still have time not to mention a lovey home, great location and most importantly two gorgeous dogs. I can share on our Social Channels if you give permission. Just Direct Message me if you need more information on the how.

Hi @Angela_L yes please do share. Thanks

I have met (video call) and arranged a sit with a lovely couple from NZ who are also newbies to THS. I reached out as they had saved our listing and that did the trick. Thanks for all the help from the posters on this thread - much appreciated.