Newbies to THS from Market Harborough

Hi All! My husband and I are very new to this, we have applied for 1 sit so far and was wondering on average how long it takes to find out if we have been chosen? We are hoping to meet people and explore different places whilst in turn helping people. We are a laid back couple aged 39 (myself) and 53 (Simon) we have been married for 5 years and have 2 cats Missy (15) and Dibs (18 months). Both of our cats are quirky in their own way, Missy loves to climb on you and sit on your shoulder whilst having a nuzzle, where as Dibs will scream at you until you do whatever it is she wants, she’s very demanding and we wish we had called her Diva ha ha! Both of them love a cuddle, with Missy it is very much on her terms but Dibs will let you pick her up and cuddle her whenever you want. We have 2 adult children that live with us, Jack who is 20, and Pippa who is 19. They look after Dibs and Missy while we go away, but when they eventually move out we will be looking for sitters for Missy and Dibs :slight_smile: Until then we are looking to get to know THS by becoming sitters.

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@emma first of all, welcome to the forum. This is where you will find answers to any of your questions from all our great members.

As far as when you find out, did you do video call with the HO’s yet? That is the first step. They will let you know they are interested, and most will want to do that video chat so they can ask you more questions, and you can ask questions as well. After that, they will advise (hopefully) if you were chosen for the sit.

Not as yet, we sent in an application on Friday and as far as I can see it is still unread.

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@emma, the first step will be for the HO to reach out to you for a meeting. If they haven’t read your message yet, they could be traveling, ill, etc. It has been more than 72 hours so I would suggest you go ahead and apply for other sits. You never know who is going to respond first.

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Hi @Emma2 , Welcome to the wonderful world of pet sitting!

It can take from a few minutes to a few weeks so don’t hang around waiting if there are any other sits that take your fancy.

Appy to all you want but if you do get accepted by one, once the home host has confirmed with you don’t forget to immediately withdraw your application from those that you can no longer do.

Good Luck!

As a side note, the link to your profile is not quite right so is not working. Hopefully, @Debbie-L can help you out with this.


Thank you for the advice, I probably messed up linking the profile as I was at work and distracted, I shall try again later :grinning:

Hi @Emma2 we’ve corrected for you … :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @Emma2. As has been suggested just keep applying for sits hopefully a HO reaches out and offers to do a video chat. Once you get offered a sit I’d take the first one and withdraw any outstanding other applications.
It took me 23 applications to get my first sit so patience may be required.


Thank you so much x