Hello I'm Sara from West Yorkshire, UK

Hi all, I am new as a sitter to THS. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all and hopefully meet some of you, I work for the NHS and we’ve had three cats in the past but none at the moment, we have recently moved home so we are looking forward to getting a new kitten soon but DIY has taken over our lives so we haven’t been able to move towards a new cat or kitten yet.

I am interested to see how I can improve my applications for sitting as all have been rejected thus far!


Hi @SaraJ
Welcome to Trustedhousesitters. Getting accepted for your first sit is always the most difficult one, but don’t worry and don’t give up- once you have managed to get accepted for the first, it gets easier from there on. Homeowners are often nervous about accepting a new sitter with no reviews and this is what makes bagging the first one so difficult.

To start, you may find it easier to apply for less desirable, short sits - maybe local to you so that you can keep your travel costs down.

This is the way I would set out your application.

1 - Introduce yourself
2- why have you joined THS?
3- What experience with animals have you had?
4-acknowledge that you are new - it is the elephant in the room so it has to be mentioned! but also mention any care/pet experience to balance it out.
5- Mention you work for the NHS
6 - Have you ever used Airbnb, if so add the link to your Airbnb profile reviews
7- reiterate all your positives -kind, caring, non-smoking, reliable, etc
8 - Give them your contact details to get in touch.
9 -mention their pets by name as often as possible.
10 - comment on their listing requirements/info specifically - you need to prove you’ve read their listing and this application is specifically for them and not just a copy and paste exercise.

You may also find this THS link useful

Good Luck!


So helpful Colin :clap:


Hi @SaraJ and welcome!
With Colin’s tips and the top 5 tips you shouldn’t have a problem. I’d also add, spend some time looking at some experienced sitters’ profiles (like Colin’s) to give you an idea how to present yourself. Lots of nice pics of you with animals you’ve looked after.
Out of interest, who will be looking after your cats if you’re off sitting elsewhere? Or do you hope to get a sitter for them too?

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Welcome @SaraJ . I grew up in York but worked in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield sometimes.
Thank you for your hard work with the NHS especially the last couple of years.
The first sit can be difficult. I think it took me 23 applications to get offered a sit. I may suggest starting more local and going after the less popular locations. Get your first sit and feedback then it gets easier.


Hi Colin
Thanks so much for your comprehensive reply and for your warm welcome!
With such a detailed outline I should be making a huge improvement in my applications now.

Much appreciated!


The husband most likely!

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York is lovely!
Oh gosh 23!! Wow you were definitely determined! I’m going to keep you posted on how many it takes me to get a sit, we should start a tally board somewhere!