No “Agree to Sit” button - what are the steps?

Hi, this is my first time sitting through TH.
The pet parent sent me a message that she selected me for her sit, and I replied that I accepted. I didn’t see any “Agree to Sit” button and the TH system doesnt seem to know that I’ve been selected by the pet parent.

What are we missing?

Thank you!!!

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@Islandgirl , Hi! And welcome to the forum! Congratulations on getting your first sit!

On the website, click on your dashboard, then go to Current and Upcoming Sits. It should be listed there. And the dates of the sit should have slashes through them on your availability calendar.

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Hi Mars,

Thanks so much for reaching out!

I think it’s important for new Sitters and new Homeowners to know that there is no “Current and Upcoming Sits” on our dashboards until the Homeowner / pet parent takes very specific steps to offer a sit to a selected Sitter.

This site would benefit from being more explicit to us newbies as the current instructions are rather vague.

Up until the Pet Parent/homeowner did a few things differently at her end, this was all that was visible on my profile:

Find a Pet Sitter
Find a House Sit
Refer a Friend
Applied Housesits
My Sitter Profile

We are now GOOD and a window of "Current & Upcoming Sits” now appears on my profile.

Thanks again!