No applicants day after Christmas through New Year

@david88 - Your listing is great. I would change the primary photo to be the one of the dog and cat. That is really appealing, and also shows they type of dog - and who doesn’t love Goldens?

Also reconsider the “sitters need a car” tag. You say the neighborhood is walkable - do sitters really NEED a car or is it just preferable? Mention whether there is easy access to public transport.

Use the headline to grab attention and tell sitters something they can’t see from the thumbnail (we can see the dates, number of animals, etc). Only the first few words will show on a search, so maybe start with “Walkable area, family-friendly home with easy pets” or similar.

Good luck.

Hi all!

We are new to THS, we had one successful sit over Thanksgiving and we’re thrilled to find a happy medium for our dogs and us when we leave town. I have had our Christmas dates posted for a few weeks and not received any applications. I’m wondering if it’s because our date (like someone else that posted) starts the day after Christmas.

Can you give feedback on our listing? Anything I might need to change? Or a way to push it out to local sitters to see if we have better luck for someone that might not have to travel?

Thanks so much!

Hi @LauraBBrady, one thing I noticed is you mentioned you had had one successful sitter just recently but you have not been given any feedback from them, even though you have given a review. I would request feedback if I was you as sitters take notice of previous comments by other sitters.
All the best.

@LauraBBrady I think you’ve done well with your photos. You will read that if sitters need a vehicle, that is a negative for many sitters, given the cost of rental vehicles.

A search of Christmas sits in Austin shows 79 listings, which seems like a lot of competition to me. As you’ve said, your date range is not ideal, so that’s a bit of an issue for some too.

The description of Olive’s needs makes me question what length of time sitters could be away from the home. Also, how much their sleep might be disrupted by her needs. You may want to clarify that.

Your title shows Christmas snuggles, but the sit doesn’t start until December 26. That’s a bit puzzling to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I echoe other comments here. Your pics are good and your home and doggies are lovely.
However your dates- inbetween the two holidays are not ideal but may suit someone local to you. And your listing title is misleading as its post Christmas. Does Olive have independent access to outside during the night? Otherwise that could be very disturbing for sitter.
And it would definitely be advantageous fot you to get feedback from your last sitter. Good luck!

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Hi @David888,

As these other members have mentioned your sit looks delightful and Cooper looks like such a sweetheart. You may also want to create a post in our last min sit category so more members can take a look.

Thanks for that rec!. I reached out to her and requested a review.

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Thanks for your feedback! I have edited Olive’s care in my description and updated the title. Hopefully that will get some interest!

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Thanks, Kelly! I’ll do that, appreciate the suggestion!