No interest, no refund :(

Good morning @Aspearman and welcome to the forum and TrustedHousesitters. I’m sorry your first visit here is to register frustration. I’ve taken a quick look at your listing and notice that it’s not until July 2022 so there’s every possibility that you’ll find someone in the New Year. These are such uncertain times for travelers, with restrictions changing all the time that we are seeing more sitters who are waiting until closer to the date to ensure they can get to a sit without any possibility of it being cancelled.

Something I’m finding useful when looking for sits myself, is for an owner to mention whether they are traveling domestically (if they are) because that gives me more reassurance that the owner’s travel won’t be impacted down the line.

Other things you can do… as a standard member you have the opportunity to “boost” your listing once, however, I would probably save this until the beginning of the new year when the festive season is over and more sitters are planning for 2022.

You can also add your listing to your forum profile so that more people here can quickly see your listing, providing help, suggestions, advice or their interest. Here are the instructions for how to do that.

Our membership services team are always on hand to help members achieve success with their listings and they may have other suggestions too, so I’m tagging @Therese who will be able to advise when she’s back online this morning. All the best, Vanessa