No Latin America sits?

We’re headed to Latin America starting with Mexico City Sept 11 and working south to Panama.

Surprised to see virtually no housesits. Anyone know of opportunities in Latin America?

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You might find this helpful:

I’m amazed that there are almost 2000 sits in the US and exactly 1 in Mexico right now! There should be a lot of US-expats in Mexico who are familiar with the concept of house sitting.

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Hi there @worldjason
As @Vanessa-ForumCMgr post shared above Latin America has fewer sits and many are off grid. As someone who will be in the deep south of SA in a few weeks, I have been tracking and following listings and favoriting potential listings on those with no current listing for nearly a year now. I now have two sits booked with THS, one from one of those favorited the other was an invite after I changed my location on my profile.
If you have time flexibility, narrow your search to one country or specific area and favorite some that are of interest even if no active listing, save your searches also and then wait but keep checking. If you are location independent, you will have to be prepared to have a base or the ability to manage on your own. I have seen some amazing long term opportunities so don’t give up.


As an expat living in Colombia, I can say that the only owners who I could imagine would use housesitters are gringos … the native Colombians simply couldn’t imagine having an unfamiliar/unknown person living in their house. Most people have friends or family who would look after their pets.


As a sitter for six years now, I’ve noticed there’s not a lot of sits in Latin or South America or India. I agree with Lakeoedo that most people probably have extended family to take care of their pets. I did apply on a sit in Colombia earlier this year and the people wanted us but the sit was a bit too long for us. I also applied on a sit in India a few years back but the homeowners chose someone who lived closer.