No response for HO after completed sit

I completed a two week sit this past weekend and have yet to hear anything from the HO. I was in communication with the HO using the app throughout the entire sit and even on the final day. However, I noticed my final messages regarding locking up the apartment and final responsibilities for caring for the pet were never read. I reached out for a review as well and never received a response. Has anyone else ever just not heard from the HO at all after competing a sit?


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Yep, sent me into a tizzy! I was so worried about them not arriving safely and the pets’ possible demise, that I had to get Membership Services to try and contact them, who was somehow able to find out, and tell me, that their phone was faulty. I didn’t hear anything, not a word, for 3 whole weeks. I was baffled. Turns out their phone was in for repairs, or some phone issue. I whatsapped, texted and sent a message through the platform…and then I decided to just let it go. The review eventually came through, but honestly, I was quite upset that they couldn’t find another way to contact me and just say everything was fine.


Here’s an earlier posting regarding your question:

Yes, Same here two recent sits. I reached out through the request as well as whatsapp. Again was in regular contact the entire time as well plus when they got home.

HI @Kkb we completely understand your concerns they are shared by all of us. I know @Debbie-Moderator was immediately in touch with you by Direct Message and we passed this to the Membership Services team who reached out to the pet parents/owners and then of course you were able to make contact with them …

''Hello Joan,
I was able to get in touch with homeowner so no need to contact them. They reassured me that they arrived home safely. Thank you for your help!‘’.

Thank you again … we can now all breathe easier and once again amplifying the "Communication, communication, communication message. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We tend to switch to an off-platform communication method like WhatsApp once the sit is confirmed and contact details are shared, only returning to the platform for significant things like date changes. This seems to make ongoing communication (including pic sharing) easier and gives us a secondary method of contact for this type of situation. (Once a vacation is done I can see a homeowner deprioritizing THS notifications.)