Technical difficulties with app

I’ve been trying to message my upcoming sit in 2 1/2 weeks as well as requesting welcome guide. I’ve had continuous issues with the app closing despite my uodates and Uninstalling and reinstalling. Ho hasn’t responded to my message which I sent 3 day’s ago via webisite. With app acting up it’s been a bit frustrating. I tried to send HO a messge to text me, yet the app was constantly closing on me. Anyway feeling a bit concerned since she hasn’t responded and this is a long term sit.

Thank you for your help

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When you do get hold of the HO I strongly suggest you get their mobile number.
Good luck!

I’ve messaged her twice for her mobile number and haven’t heard back.

You appear to have done everything in your power to communicate with the Homeowner.
I would be very worried if I was due on a sit of any length and had little or no information about the location and pets.
You need access to the Welcome Guide and an opportunity to ask questions prior to your arrival.
Time to get membership services involved. Good Luck.

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For future sits I’d suggest- always make sure to get the host WhatsApp number or email address as soon as you can- so you always have a way to contact them outside of the app. We always give our WA number in our initial application to encourage quick contact & for setting up a call/video call before confirming a Sit. And for ongoing contact before & during the Sit.
Sounds like you have only made contact via the app and had no phone/video call even though its a long sit…? That’s a bit risky but I hope you manage to contact your host soon and that it all ends up going well!

Hi @Catgoddess_99. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble reaching your next pet sit host, especially so close to the start of the sit. I’ve sent a message to membership services asking them to get in touch with you. They’ll reach out to you using the email address associated with your TrustedHousesitters pet sitter page.


Thsnk you for doing that. This sutcwaa arranged 8 months in advance, yet I now know to get cell and whatsapp info in advance regardless. We’ve only messaged through app at this point.

Thank you :blush:

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Pardon the typos in my above reply. Both messages I’ve recently sent her say “unresd”

A question! I have successfully used THS 3 times now, but I don’t know what a whatsapp number is?

@Charlize1 - WhatsApp is a messaging app, using your existing phone number.

Hi @Charlize1. Here’s where you can learn more about WhatsApp:

It’s not associated with TrustedHousesitters. It’s a messaging service used extensively around the world to text, call and have video chats with others over the internet.

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I typically exchange my whatsapp/phone particularly when HO is traveling out of the country. Since i have an android and often they have an iPhone it works better since texting from abroad can be iffy.

We finally connected and now have phone numbers. Apparently sit Mom was not receiving her THS notifications as she had a new iPhone. Technology works one day then not the next. Thankfully it’s worked out as I was getting concerned.

Whew! I’m so glad to hear that. Thanks for letting us know.

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Hi @Bluehorse

We have made quite a few improvements over the last 2-3 months on pausing functionality. All updates have been posted here: Product updates - #60 by RadarInc

We have added the functionality on App and Web where you can see paused Sits within search results and also within the listing page/screen itself.

I am not seeing this on any listings. I only see reviewing applications if I click on each individual sit. I use the website not the app.
Am I missing something?

Hi @Twitcher

Just tested it a minute ago and am seeing the ‘Reviewing’ tag.

Could you please report this to Membership services and provide details on the browser you use?

Thanks, Ben

Hi Twitcher, I don’t see them either.

Of what I understood from Ben, these paused sits (reviewing applications) are now shown at the very end of the search results, after the active sits. Which means I will never see them.

In my case I always do map search for Europe. With the total number of sits available on an average day in Europe (although the majority of those sits are UK) and with 12 sits shown per page, I would have to manually click through about 150-200 pages one by one to arrive at the end of the search results.

Maybe it works for someone who only looks for sits in a very specific city, but not for those who look at sits across a larger area (e.g. Europe, US, Australia, etc) and regularly refresh the page to see the new sits. They won’t make it to the end of the search results since there’s only 12 sits shown per page

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Hi Ben - I agree with @Bluehorse - they can only be seen at the very end of filtered searches.
I like to browse all new sits to see if there is anything of interest so I will never see them either.
I don’t think it is anything to do with my browser.

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Hi Twitcher, Ben - yes, nothing to do with browser indeed.

This has been designed with the idea that people would search for sits in a very small area, such as one city, and as such all sits would fit on 1 or 2 pages max (12 sits per page). However I seldom do that. I search sits across a much larger area ( = Europe), which I think many people do. That means that there’s at least dozens if not a 100+ pages of sits at about any given time. And at the very end of that would be the paused sits (but normally you never get there, especially as this website requires manually clicking on each next page; and sitters are usually only interested in sits posted since they last refreshed the webpage)

It would also be helpful if the ‘newest’ filter was brought back.