No uptake from the county we live in

Hello @Engadine and welcome to the forum. You may want to add your listing to your forum username so that forum members can view your listing. If you’d prefer, you can just add your dates and location (city/country) to your post here so that members can find your listing.

Our members may also give you feedback concerning your listing. Although, as you’ve said, you’ve had great success in the past, there may still be tweaks suggested that could improve your listing. As you well know, times have changed and sometimes the information sitters want to know has also changed somewhat.

I found your comment interesting, about a homeowner in England being concerned about restrictions that may be imposed for the Wales/England border. It’s a relevant example of how limitations that could never have been anticipated in the past have happened over the past two years. Hence the reason many homeowners are restricting their reach for possible sitters, which affects listings.