Nobody wants me :-( Advice for a first time house sitter?

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Hi Andrew, Look at the sits that are needing someone last minute…you might get one this way…and then build from there. Also try going for sits that are more local to you first. If there is a last minute/local to you sit going, then this might be the one that gets you started. Good luck and don’t lose heart!

If you have dog experience and are free over Xmas 2021, get in touch!


Hi everyone. A potential sitter just told me that people are posting in the forum to say they are getting rejected because they’re new to the site. If you have dog experience and are free over Christmas 2021, please check my profile. I will grab you with both hands!

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Hi Thank you for being open to new sitters. I can’t find your profile so don’t know where you are located. Warm regards Caroline

Hello @Vicki64Vito20 and welcome to the community forum! And thank-you for your generous offer to newcomer sitters… we always say that everyone has had to start somewhere and there are many instances of sitters quickly getting onboard with their first sits, while for some others they do find it a little harder depending on their requirements. I’m sure your offer will be most welcome… and to help people find you, it is possible to add your listing link to your forum profile… You’ll find the instructions on how to do that here on this link. We don’t permit links in the comments, but you can direct people to your forum profile :slight_smile: Thanks again! Vanessa

I assumed my name would come with thumbnail photo to click. I can’t find a profile page outside my own dashboard.
Try searching ‘Vicki Harris, Dedham’ or search owners in the Colchester area.
Are you interested in sitting for me?

@Vicki64Vito20 We are not allowed to post direct links to listings on this forum, but I had a quick look and your listing says ’ currently no sitter needed’ ? maybe @Vanessa-ForumCMgr can help

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Hi @Vicki64Vito20 … I think our comments may have crossed. As @Colin mentions we no longer allow links to listings in the topics and comments as it has become very confusing… as you are experiencing. I have replied to one of your earlier comments and put a link that will help you add the listing to your forum profile.

It does also seem that as Colin also mentions, you aren’t showing any available listing on the main TrustedHousesitters website. If you need help with this let us know, but that would be the first place to start with details of your upcoming sit. Hope that helps, Best, Vanessa

Hi Vicki

I just wanted to thank you for being open to new sitters. We are not in the UK at the moment which is a shame because we would definitely apply.

I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and find a lovely sitter.

Kind regards


Hi Andrew, You may have found some great sits by now but if not from my own experience. I was very apprehensive at first, thinking nobody would want me as no reviews and others would be chosen. However I decided to start small and only apply for sits that only said 0-3 applicants. I also went for one in a not ideal location. Kind of treated it as getting a foot on the ladder. My very first was at Hemle Hemstead looking after a cat with a broken leg. The first sit I applied for and was confirmed immediately. Owner then enquired if I would be happy etc. as a previous sitter had walked out, saying they could not cope. Not a problem as kept in a cage so as not to damaged bandaged leg and just had to massage each day. Did entail a trip to the vets as medication caused diarrhea. A short stay of 5 nights I also applied for one at Lechlade a few days later for only 3 nights ,looking after 2 dogs, one aged 18 and one 12, which I also had. From those I had two good reviews, which then made it easier to apply for longer sits. So best advise I can give is to start small with short sits with the least applicants. Good luck and hope things have worked out for you.


That may be because I have two listings, one filled and one unfilled. Thanks.

I don’t know why the profile shows that, but it seems perhaps the dates got set up as private rather than public. I have deleted and redone. Fingers crossed.



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It’s all working now… I’ve just double checked your account and the dates are live. And your link is now in the forum profile :slight_smile: All good and I hope you find someone to look after lovely Vito!

Thanks - so do I!

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Hi Andrew, we have only just joined TH recently as sitters and it is already apparent this is going to be a difficult “sell” being new, so I completely understand where you are coming from. I think it’s all down to luck on some level, and the dreaded “selling yourself” which I’m rubbish at too! We are going to see how it goes for the next few months and just keep trying, our intentions are all honourable so hopefully someone will see that and the same for you too!


It does get easier. After my initial disappointment at getting so many rejections, I had 4 sits last year and have 3 lined up for this year so far. I have recently been contacted by so many houseowners asking if I could sit for them (at least one per week) and I have had to decline as they clashed with other sits or work commitments. Keep smiling and keep applying :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome back @Andrew it’s wonderful to hear from you we hope you have been keeping well.

You’ve obviously been busy arranging sits and being in demand, congratulations !!

“Keep applying” the best advice ever … where is your next sit?

Well done @Andrew
Congratulations and continue to enjoy.
THiS life is good and keeps getting better.

I am looking at so much out there right now It’s very exciting.


Beverley in the east Riding of Yorkshire, then near Bakewell in the Peak District, and then Northamptonshire. In addition, I also have 4 dog sits at my own house looking after dogs for several friends