Not finding a pet sitter

We’re also fully booked and on a different continent, but it does sound enticing! Some HOs have a protracted application process and don’t take down their listing (some want to talk to three different candidates, set up a contract or require personal data), although nowadays we stay clear of those sits (sometimes the process took 2 weeks and we lost a lot of time and other opportunities).

Hi @irenekr … We could certainly help you by boosting your listing. This is a great way to reach out again to available sitters. I will email you directly from membership services. Kind regards Therese


Yes I would like to post he listing.

When do you need someone? I might be able to find a flight. Thanks.

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Where do I find this site?

One of the admin will help you. It might be tomorrow morning until they are back on.

Hi @Libby2019. If you mean you are not a member of TrustedHousitters and want to be, just click on the animal logo at the top left of your screen and it will take you to the site. Each person pays to be a member

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I too am having a very, very difficult time finding a sitter! Not a single person has applied. I have reached out to ~10 people after reviewing their profiles and availability to try to find a good fit. Only about half have replied – and every single one of those has said they are unavailable despite their calendars marked in green for our sit dates (mid-March). Thus, I haven’t spoken to a single person since listing our sit 9 days ago and can’t figure out what I could (or should) be doing differently.

Any insight or hints would be appreciated!

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@MtnSk8tr - sorry, I deleted my previous reply because I didn’t realize you had linked your listing into your username. I’m wondering if the people you’re reached out to live relatively close to you. With current pandemic conditions, travelling any distance can cause problems, as many have seen. Perhaps some newer sitters who live relatively close to you might be eager to get reviews for their profiles and might be able to accommodate you.

I notice you have a relatively large home but mention that the sitter will be using the master bedroom. I’m guessing that’s to accommodate the usual sleeping style of the pets. However, if your travel plans require the sitter to be there the day before, or perhaps leave the day after you arrive home, then the sitter may wonder what will be available to them for sleeping and a bathroom.

In some respects, it may still be seen as early for a sitter to confirm. You don’t show your travel plans, as in whether you have to book flights, or have flights booked. If possible, you may find that waiting it out you’ll see sitters taking more interest, once they’re closer to the date and can see the current travel conditions. I realize you probably want to get things arranged, but we are in such uncertain times.

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Thank you, @snowbird, for such a helpful reply. I will incorporate your excellent suggestions immediately.

Btw, I started by reaching out to sitters in our region for precisely the reasons you brought up. Obviously, no luck so I’ve now been searching further afield including to sitters who have favorited our profile. Illl keep trying. Surely, there must be someone for whom this would be a great fit!

Hi @MtnSk8tr
I would like to apologise from all the sitters who, like me, do not have their availability calendar up to date.
This subject has been mentioned on other threads as it is so difficult to manually update the calendar each time the sitter has a day or dates where they are not free.
THS have been looking at this for months now and I really think that this, together with the review system, should be priority rather than some of the IT changes that they are making


I agree with @Itchyfeet that the calendar function certainly needs to be addressed. Even those like myself, who do keep their calendars current, may not be available in the ‘green dates’. They may have commitments that are not easily added into the current calendar format, and so would decline.

In keeping with Itchyfeet’s theme, I would like to apologize for the sitters who have not responded to your direct invite. In my opinion, that is disrespectful and inexcusable. When I receive such an invite, I promptly respond, including an explanation as to why I’m not available, if that’s the case.

Another option, if you have standard or premium membership, is to consider boosting your listing. However, as a sitter, I’m not familiar with that process. I see that you can only do it once, so you may want to consider when it would be best to do that, if you are eligible.


When I’m not actively looking for a new/planning for an upcoming sit, I don’t monitor my THS inbox. It can be weeks/months before I see an invite. I always reply eventually, but I think expecting people to monitor their THS inbox 24/7 in case they happen to get invited to a sit is a bit much.

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Hi @CreatureCuddler . It may be a difference in our THS email settings. If anything comes into my THS inbox, I get a notification email in my personal email account. That’s what prompts me to review and reply. Otherwise, I don’t check my THS inbox either.


All emails, except for financial stuff, go to an email dumping ground that I literally never check. It has tens of thousands of messages that I’ve never opened and never will. If I looked at every email from every website I’ve signed up for, every day, I would literally have no time left for anything else. I probably get those messages, but they just go into the black hole, which is why I only respond once I go back to the site to arrange a sit. It doesn’t say anything about the level of respect I have for HOs and I think it’s far from inexcusable to not be constantly monitoring my email for some random email that may or may not appear.

Another comment about the calendar function, and suggestion for improvement:

Searching for available sitters by date pulls up not only sitters with calendars marked in green, but also those sitters whose calendars are not marked at all – the dates are simply white, without slash-outs. It is necessary to search all of those calendars manually to find ones marked in green so I can reach out directly.

Possibly this topic has been discussed elsewhere in the past. If not: THS, please consider a programming change to enable searches by date more efficient and less frustrating.

This conversation is very informative. It sounds as if one of the improvements needed is a way for calendars to be easily marked and updated.

Sitters I’m reaching out to all have the needed dates marked in green…and so far, all have declined to discuss this sit further. Those adding a PM all state that they they are “not available”, and only 2 have stated more than that. “Not available” can cover a lot of ground, incl. “not available” except for sits in a certain location; that something has come up, or simply that they feel it might not be a good match for a variety of reasons. Thus, they are “not available” for a particular sit that is still marked in green. I am not taking this personally.

I received a very nice PM last night from a couple that explained they had discussed our sit at length and seriously considered it, but ultimately decided they had too many other commitments right now. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of their reply, the extra time they took to explain, and will definitely contact them in the future. Their kindness spoke volumes about what kind of people they are.

My THS plan includes 1 extra “boost” that I am saving for now. At this rate, I am going to need it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @MtnSk8tr welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for joining from the Pacific Northwest, thank you also for introducing us to your lovely home and adorable pets. I see you’ve had some great help and support from our members and good advice from @Snowbird, you live in a stunning part of the country, popular with sitters. As @Snowbird says it is a little early during these very uncertain times.

I would not be too concerned at this time, although appreciate the need to have pet care plans in place.

Welcome again,

Angela and the Team

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Hi @MtnSk8tr , your listing is excellent. Not only are your pets sweet and your house beautiful, you have that VERY cool vintage-looking stove that reminds me of an Aga, (maybe it is?). You’re way too far away from me since I am trying to avoid planes but I sympathize with your frustration re. the availability calendar. This has been discussed here at length. See the topics below. I hope the availability calendar is near the top of the list (after review revamping) of improvements we will see in the near future.

@mars observed: [quote=“mars, post:30, topic:8681”]
you have that VERY cool vintage-looking stove that reminds me of an Aga, (maybe it is?).

Thank you! It is an Elmira Stoveworks (model “Oval”). Orginally manufactured in Canada, and often installed in off-grid remote mining & hunting cabins, they are apparently no longer made. The original homebuilder installed it for both cooking & making hot water before there was power to the property. It took a lot of steel wool, stove black, and elbow grease to restore it to its former glory. It now serves as a terrific pet feeding station: Phoebe (dog) can’t get into Tabitha’s cat food.

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