Trouble finding sitter Xmas

Hi all. I getting nervous like so many of you. I have had no applications in the Albuquerque area of NM. I have dine some changes to my ask with no response. Any advice?
I may have slight flexibility with dates but not much unfortunately. Thanks.

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:wave: Hello, Do you have your listing connected to your name? I was trying to look at your listing but could not find it. You mentioned “changes” so I’m not sure if you listed the link somewhere else but I’d be interested in taking a look at your ad to see if we’d be a good fit for each other.


Hi @Jillian505,

Welcome to the forum I have linked your profile to your forum profile so that other members like @Mossie here may be able to look at your profile. I am from Santa Fe and know your area well. You seem to have a great listing to me, beautiful home, good pictures and description. My only suggestion would be to see if it would be possible to lend your car to the sitter, you might find you’d get more applicants that way since you’re fairly remote. If that’s not a possibility I would use the find a sitter search function and start reaching out to as many sitters as possible within your criteria and that might be available. I hope this helps!

*Also I don’t know if you saw but we have a member meet up in Santa Fe on the 17th…if you’re free it would be a good place to connect to other sitter/owns in the area for your future travels.



Hi @Jillian505 It is very unusual not to get any response. I have taken the liberty of boosting your listing, so it is now at the top of the website and will be sent out to all the available sitters.
Please keep in close touch with so they can help you again if you still do not get a response.


Hi @Jillian505 and welcome. You’ll read on the forum that requiring the sitters to have their own vehicle can limit your pool of potential applicants. However, I won’t dwell on that as it may be just a case of it is what it is. I have some other comments.

  1. Although you did the exact date range last year (shown in embedded listing, for those reading this), both the arrival date and leaving date may be problematic, even for those with a vehicle. It’s not ideal for those who celebrate the Christmas holiday season.

  2. You show that the dogs like to go in and out all day but don’t mention whether there is any type of dog flap. If not, then that can be a little restrictive for some sitters, if you expect the dogs’ normal routine to be maintained.

  3. You show it as family friendly and yet only show one bedroom with what looks like a double bed (US sizing). I would suggest you add information as to how many beds are available and what size. If you have any limitations on what age of children, for example, then also add that information.

Last year you had a sitter who gave you a good review for the same date range, so I hope you have similar success this year too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This, and having to leave/relocate on New Year’s Eve is never appealing.

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Hi Katie. Thanks for the feedback. Last year we got lucky with someone who didn’t celebrate.
We have some flex on NYE date. If I hear from someone asking I could work something out.
I also made a few other adjustments so hopefully it will all help.
Take care.

I am so sorry Mossie. I didn’t see your post to me. It is probably too late now.