As a sitter, I wish I had more control over my calendar. As it stands now, unless I’m mistaken, our calendar only shows when we are busy due to committed sits in the future. Those days are automatically blocked off, as they should be. But, what if I don’t want to sit over holidays, what if I’m busy a certain day or days, or traveling for pleasure, just anything that makes me unavailable. I would like to have the option to go in and modify my calendar and put in unavailable dates that aren’t necessarily sits through TrustedHousesitters. Does anyone else feel the same? Is there a way to do this that I just don’t know about? Thanks for your feedback!

You can modify dates in your dashboard. scroll down to your profile and then click “manage availability”. It’s not as easy as it could be to correct the dates, but it is possible.

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Unless you have actively marked yourself available, the default is unavailable, however at first glance this is not obvious to many sitters or owners.

Thanks, I forgot about the manage availability, but I wish it would let us block out dates when we are not available rather than have to put in all the dates that we are available. It seems backwards and cumbersome to have to enter all the dates that we are available and just leave out the dates that we are not available. It seems like it would be better if we could just block off some dates that we are not available, for whatever reason. It would save some homeowners the time of inviting us to sits if they know we are unavailable. The way it’s set up now is just too cumbersome for me to deal with. Anyone on here from THS that can weigh in on this?


Blocking unavailable dates is definitely cumbersome, and one of many improvements that could be made to the TH interface. I’m new to the site, but not to online browsing/researching. The TH site is very clunky and user-unfriendly, especially considering that membership is higher than other sitting sites.


Hello and welcome. There has been a lengthy discussion about the Availability Calendar. Staff members @Angela-CommunityManager and @Ben-Product then share this feedback with those who work on improving the site.

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Hi @Lassie thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

As @Snowbird says our members have discussed the calendar and other aspects of the site’s functionality at length all of which is invaluable for the Product & UX teams when prioritising work flow to improve user experience.

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@sledgejoyce agree…easier for most people unless they are full-time sitters, to list when not available …I have’nt really seen a good method for this on other sitter sites either.

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Hi, I work from home online, so I can work anywhere any time. But the calendars want to know which dates we are available. There does not appear to be a way to add when we are NOT available, which for me would be a lot easier. (Please let me know if I have missed seeing this function).

I have seen pet sits advertised for over a year in advance. so for me to be covered for all that time, I would have to manually declare that I am available for each month. The only way I could do that easily was to leave the dates blank, so I was available all the time. But I’m obviously going to have odd days here and there where I am not available.

Example… Say I can’t make the 8th of the month, nor the 25th of the month, but I am available for all other days… it would be so much easier to click on both 8th and 25th and click NOT AVAILABLE, than it would to click on all the other dates to say I AM available!

Is there a way to do this please?

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Thank you @BillyBonnieBenji and we realise the issues and frustration of some members, the calendar functionality is one of the projects currently under discussion by the Product Team, all member feedback is important and taken into consideration.

Thank you for that!

I had left mine on the default, thinking it would show me as available for all dates. Good job I saw your post.

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Thank you for your quick response.

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Hi Angela
This seems to have been under discussion for a very long time now, despite many many previous conversations and feedback from members it seems to keep getting kicked down the road, which makes me wonder if there is some reluctance to change it?

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Hi @Martin_S you are correct of course it must seem as though this has been in discussion for a while, along with other member feedback. But it really is all about prioritizing projects and following a roadmap, not forgetting that operating a 24 hour premium global service can create situations requiring immediate attention, which of course take priority.

Also we shouldn’t forget that the team is now a lot smaller than pre-pandemic. Every department has been affected building up resources takes time.

So to answer your question the team values member feedback, unequivocally. The App and website are constantly evolving every new introduction is researched, tested and retested all of which takes time … but eventually each required area of improvement will be actioned.

Thank you for your feedback and to our members for their support and patience

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The calendar function on the THS website really sucks. I used to know where to find it but I can’t even find it anymore, so I don’t know how to update the calendar. In the meantime, I get messages from home owners inviting me to sit, but they are basing their invites on having looked at my (out of date) calendar! So they are probably wasting their time if many house sitters are in the same position as myself where we can’t even keep our calendar up to date any more.

After digging around all over the website, I find the calendar lurking at the bottom of my Profile Preview! LOL. But now I have the problem that I can only tell the calendar when I am available. So how do I change my mind if I said I was previously available but am no longer available?

Just adding my opinion here: I would also prefer to show unavailable dates.