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Hi Fellow sitters!

Is anyone else frustrated with the inability to mark dates as unavailable on our calendars? I’ve asked TH to change this (I know it can be done because when I was an airbnb host, I had that ability). The problem for me is that there are times I am unavailable even I don’t have a TH sit. For example, last month I was on vacation for two weeks in an area of the CA coast where wifi wasn’t available. I felt obligated to keep driving to the library and check to see if I had gotten invitations from hosts, which did happen twice. Also, I normally do a Thanksgiving sit for a local woman - have been doing this since long before joining TH. Because my calendar shows as available for a holiday, I get lots of invitations.

For the hosts, this is wasted time reaching out to someone who appears to be available but is not. For me, it gets tiresome especially if I want to have my own vacation and not worry about responding to invites for those dates. Yes, I still may get invites for future dates but it happens way more often because hosts need to find someone quickly, whether it’s because they want to do a last minute trip or their sitter cancelled.

Anyway, are there others who wish they could mark dates as unavailable? Am wondering if TH would make this change if there’s enough of us. If there’s not, I guess I’ll just keep going the way it is!

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@Islander The calendar is not user friendly. It would be a great feature if it was. It has been discussed on the forum but it seems THS has no interest in improving the calendar.

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@Islander youre right it’s useless I don’t even understand what everyone else’s looks like there’s no key

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@Islander The calendar defaults to unavailable (white). When you manage your availability on your profile, you add the dates you are available. Those dates show in green. As you likely know, your booked TrustedHousesitters sits have a black line across the white.

However, without a legend it’s likely that owners, especially those who have joined in the past year, have no idea which is which. That’s one of the many issues with the calendar structure.

Yes, you are right Snowbird but no one realizes the white is supposed to be unavailable. To be consistent and less confusing, we should be able to mark our calendars for unavailable dates and have black lines across the white, just like when we have a TH sit. At the very least, as you suggest, there should be a legend but I believe all unavailable dates should look the same.

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I’m sorry - when I click on manage availability, it only gives me the option to mark dates as available. Not unavailable. I didn’t get there the way you described though as my profile doesn’t list availability. I have to go to my dashboard.

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I agree. I don’t understand why a seemingly simple change can’t be made. Supposedly any dates you don’t mark as available are unavailable but no one recognizes that. All unavailable dates should look the same, with a line drawn through the dates. Ugh

If you put ‘calendar’ in the search field you’ll see lots of discussions relating to your question. Here is one:

Thanks. I’ll do that but your example isn’t related. I know how to mark dates as available and I don’t have a problem getting sits. I want to be able to mark dates as unavailable, so there’s a line through them just like TH does when you have a sit.


Many complaints have been made about this, and it is unlikely that it will be changed. It is a useless “feature” which most people ignore. I mentioned in my profile that homeowners should ignore the calendar.

I agree it’s unlikely they’ll change it and it’ll continue to be partially misleading. I actually wish homeowners would look at it more often so I’d get fewer sit invitations when I already have a TH sit.

@Islander it is very misleading and confusing as there is no key to what the colours mean. This has been requested numerous times.

I block out my whole calendar and only apply and accept sits that really appeal to me. I also receive invitations to sit even though I do this.

I agree. i tend to put in a start date and an end date of several months that I may be available but frequently there is the odd day. weekend or even week that I am not. It is just too tedious to go in and keep changing the calender, whereby there are lots of start and end dates in a long list just for odd days that i cannot do. Would be far easier if you could just go through on a calender and simply click on the days you cannot do.