Not finding a pet sitter

Hello, my name is Irene. I live in the original Las Vegas, NM. I posted my request weeks ago but never got one single reaction. When I reach out myself to pet sitters who have blue dots on their profile they say they are not able to because some of the days they are with family. What to do?

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Hi Irene
What are your dates? There is a facility to post sits that are imminent on the forum. I’m sure one of the admins would help you.

I searched for it and it seems like a fun sit, but I’m sitting those dates already in NY.

I suggest changing your headline to show that you are near Santa Fe. That is a popular destination and will attract interest. Maybe start with “Near Santa Fe, easy pets”. Sitters only see the first few words of the headline when searching, so make those words appealing. Also consider correcting the number of pets - your headline says 7 but the animal icon shows one.

Good luck.

@irenekr You might want to list it on the forum under Last Minute Sits, as this is where Christmas sits have now been moved. Also consider adding a link to your listing in your forum profile. Follow these instructions.

It might help to correct the way you’ve listed all cats under the same space. As you can see from an earlier comment, it causes confusion as the listing shows as having one cat, whereas there are more.

I have been trying to change the number into 7, but it won’t take.

Maybe you need to add photos of each cat, so there are 7 photos, not just one.

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We usually only apply to sits on the same day they were posted (a lot of HOs forget to remove their listing or are perhaps already talking to someone).

Not me, my listing is still very current. And when it is confirmed, does that not show? Are you interested?

I sure wish I could help you out, @irenekr!
Sitting for 7 cats in NM is like my idea of heaven. :heart_eyes:
But I’m already booked for sitting in San Francisco that week.

And yes, when you confirm your sitter, that’s evident on your profile.

Maybe @Angela-HeadOfCommunity can help you?

Good luck!

We’re also fully booked and on a different continent, but it does sound enticing! Some HOs have a protracted application process and don’t take down their listing (some want to talk to three different candidates, set up a contract or require personal data), although nowadays we stay clear of those sits (sometimes the process took 2 weeks and we lost a lot of time and other opportunities).

Hi @irenekr … We could certainly help you by boosting your listing. This is a great way to reach out again to available sitters. I will email you directly from membership services. Kind regards Therese


Yes I would like to post he listing.

When do you need someone? I might be able to find a flight. Thanks.

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Where do I find this site?

One of the admin will help you. It might be tomorrow morning until they are back on.

Hi @Libby2019. If you mean you are not a member of TrustedHousitters and want to be, just click on the animal logo at the top left of your screen and it will take you to the site. Each person pays to be a member

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I too am having a very, very difficult time finding a sitter! Not a single person has applied. I have reached out to ~10 people after reviewing their profiles and availability to try to find a good fit. Only about half have replied – and every single one of those has said they are unavailable despite their calendars marked in green for our sit dates (mid-March). Thus, I haven’t spoken to a single person since listing our sit 9 days ago and can’t figure out what I could (or should) be doing differently.

Any insight or hints would be appreciated!

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@MtnSk8tr - sorry, I deleted my previous reply because I didn’t realize you had linked your listing into your username. I’m wondering if the people you’re reached out to live relatively close to you. With current pandemic conditions, travelling any distance can cause problems, as many have seen. Perhaps some newer sitters who live relatively close to you might be eager to get reviews for their profiles and might be able to accommodate you.

I notice you have a relatively large home but mention that the sitter will be using the master bedroom. I’m guessing that’s to accommodate the usual sleeping style of the pets. However, if your travel plans require the sitter to be there the day before, or perhaps leave the day after you arrive home, then the sitter may wonder what will be available to them for sleeping and a bathroom.

In some respects, it may still be seen as early for a sitter to confirm. You don’t show your travel plans, as in whether you have to book flights, or have flights booked. If possible, you may find that waiting it out you’ll see sitters taking more interest, once they’re closer to the date and can see the current travel conditions. I realize you probably want to get things arranged, but we are in such uncertain times.

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Thank you, @snowbird, for such a helpful reply. I will incorporate your excellent suggestions immediately.

Btw, I started by reaching out to sitters in our region for precisely the reasons you brought up. Obviously, no luck so I’ve now been searching further afield including to sitters who have favorited our profile. Illl keep trying. Surely, there must be someone for whom this would be a great fit!