Ok to approach home owners?

Hi, I am new to THS and the forum. I joined because when my husband and I travel we always miss having pets to cuddle in the places we have stayed. We are (pandemic permitting) planning on spending November and December 2021 in Singapore. This is still 8 months away but I like to be organised. Is it allowed, and reasonable, to approach Home Owners who are listed, but don’t have dates available and ask if they are interested in a sitter for the time we will be there? Or is this frowned on and intrusive?


It is not so much frowned upon, just not possible to contact homeowners until they list a sit.
You can save potential sits as favourites, and then, if you use the phone app, as soon as a favourite sit is listed, you will get a notification.
If you make your location as Singapore, and on your profile make it clear, maybe in the title, or early on on your profile, that you will be in Singapore on certain dates, that may help.
I have done around a dozen sits in Singapore, and there are currently about 45 sitters listed there, down from a normal 65 to 70. However, I know that a lot of Singapore sitters are ex-pats who only sit occasionally, or are not currently in Singapore - like me!
There are more likely to be more sits in Singapore in December and into January, when a lot of ex-pats travel home - sometimes for a month or so.
Of course, all this depends on Singapore opening its borders and lifting current - strict - covid rules.


Also you can use the “saved search” function. Then you get a push notifications from the app if a new sit show up.


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to add to the comment made by [StefanK] you’re best bet is to do a search for Singapore, filter by putting dates in say for a week in the future sometime and the chances are there won’t be any sits - but it will show you other possibly Singapore sits where the owners are not currently looking for a sitter at this time… What you can do then is click on the those listings - then look for the heart symbol in the top right, and click them as favorite.

That way you will get notified when those people list new dates.

You can also put your preferred country (Singapore) and dates in the filtered search area and save that search as say “Singapore Nov 21” then you will also get notified when any listings come up that match your search criteria.

Good Luck!


Ah thank you, that is very helpful!

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We’ve approached homeowners a couple of times now who had listings that we weren’t available for on the dates of their assignment but asked to be considered for another time. It worked out well that one of these homeowners who lived in the same city as our son did contact us the next time around and we were available to sit for them and got to visit with our son at the same time.