On Sit Pet Safety Tip!

I have been a sitter for THS since 2016 and came up with an idea for making sure I am contacted if the pet becomes lost. I have a dog tag engraved with the words PET SITTER on the front and my cell phone number on the back. That way I am contacted, and a call is not made to the owners number. I had a dog panic during a walk due to a very loud noise and pull the leash out of my hands and bolt down the street. I ran after them, but couldn’t keep up. About 10 minutes later I got a call from someone who grabbed the dog as they raced by them . Thank heaven they saw my number. I use this on every sit.


@gkballer this is a FABULOUS idea. I’m not sure why no one else has ever thought of it, but I am going to do the same thing. I know you can purchase those tags at many of the pet stores where they are engraved on the spot!

Any more wonderful and helpful ideas?

This is a good idea and similar tags have been used, although I have yet to take it up…must put on my list!


It has been mentioned on here before. If you’re cheap (and forgetful) like me, I cut up those fake credit cards you get in the mail into quarters & punch a hole in each piece. I put a sticker on each tag & write my phone number on it, and zip-tie it to the pet/s’ collar. (so if I forget it I’m not upset that I left a tag on the pet)

My issue is that lately, hardly any of the pets I’ve looked after wear collars, just those vest/harness things!


But you can put a tag on the harness as there’ll be a ring to attach the lead to. I much prefer harnesses

Great idea

Snowbird suggested this back in Aug 22


They only wear harnesses for walks, I’m concerned someone is going to rush out the door!

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Gosh, I guess I’ll have to start taking a small collar to put on the dog myself. Where do the owners put the dog’s rabies tag and their ID? I am sure the dog doesn’t wear the harness all day! I like to have some form of ID on the pup at all times. Some dogs are really good escape artists.

ID and rabies tag are not required i many places. Our dog does not wear a collar, because she has a very sensitive skin, and wearing a collar all day gives her a rash. She does have a micro chip though, in case she would go missing.

Good to know, thanks. Hopefully people are getting their pets chipped.