One-line reviews

Accept it with a big smile. I would be happy with one word …. Fabulous

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Hi @LauraT I’d say if you like the look of the sit and it fits the bill for you then go for it!
In your shoes- what I’d do is ask the host about his review policy. Is it just he doesn’t know what to say? Or he just doesn’t like to give reviews in general? Ask in a non confrontary way. Tell him how important reviews are etc. If you decide to go ahead and he STILL ends up giving you a one line review then you can either match his effort with a one line feedback or not bother at all!! Either way as long as he gives you 5* it will still help get you started!!


It does not make that much difference in the amount of time that there is interaction between the owners and the sitter. Unless there is a lot of messaging.

Normally, there is not that much to be said and ChatGPT could do it.

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The lack of photos and info is a bit frustrating but the sit we had was like that and it turned out to be a wonderful experience with really lovely homeowners. I don’t think you can remove reviews but you can choose not to publish them on your profile, which I guess amounts to the same thing. I think the idea is that reviews should be considered a reference so you only write one if you were happy. If you’re unhappy then instead you click that you don’t want to write a review (and you have the option to report to Nomador) and the phrase “One person does not recommend this member” appears on their profile. There are obvious downsides but it does avoid some of the ugly retaliatory reviews and angry replied seen on THS when things don’t go well.

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Thanks for all the responses. I sent an application and if I get a reply from the homeowner, I’ll raise the issue. It’s only a short sit and @Marion is right that the homeowner is more likely unaware that a very short review could appear unappreciative, rather than deliberately rude or ungrateful. At least, I’d like to think so. Although, my carefully crafted application from this morning is still unread so maybe I’ll never know :laughing:

Yes, THS listings do tend to be more comprehensive overall compared to other sites.