Only local sit invitations arriving despite removing home country from profile

I wondering why I keep getting invitations for sits close to home when I have removed my home country from my profile. It’s lovely to be asked but we would prefer sits further afield and I feel awful declining when HO’s have taken the trouble to contact me.
Any advice gratefully received!

Have you tried making your location the actual place you want to sit?

I suggest you put something in the heading of your profile such as ‘not available for sitting in……until……’ although you still may get invitations as not everyone will read it!

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We change our profile location regularly to where we want to be not where we are currently.


I fear you may have to get used to declining. We have at times received multiple invitations a day (sometime nothing for weeks) despite marking our calendar as not available. I don’t think THS really works very well for this. Homeowners seem to want a free version of their local paid sitter so they simply look for the closest people and send out a mass invitation. I don’t think your choices really filter what they see.
We usually just reply with “Thank you for your invitation but we are not available.” for ones where they don’t even send a message and just invite we just decline.

Thank you all for your splendid advice, I think changing our location may be a good move!

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