Onward to Spain - Meetup Valencia, Altea or Madrid?

I’m using one of my Lounge Passes from THS as I wait for my flight to Madrid. Consecutive sits will keep me busy until September but I’d love to meet up with others who might be around. Sightseeing tips also welcome!

Valencia 7/20 - 25
Altea 7/27 - 8/4
Madrid 8/5 - 9/2


That’s Fantastic John! I hope you get to connect with some other members in Spain.


Hi @jcvbva enjoy your time in Spain and I hope you will find other members in the area to meet up with for your dates :clap:t2::es::blush:

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Nice long one in Madrid….hot, hot, hotter!


Fabulous hombre!
Enjoy and play full out.

Sorry to keep missing you but will keep an eye out.
I will be on that side for a good while.

Share anything you like about lounge, or anything anytime.
I will be using one of mine in LAX ( Los Angeles)



The lounge was enjoyable and it was nice to be away from the chaos of the general boarding area. It was busy but there were plenty of comfortable chairs and a few work cubicles. There was a decent selection of drinks and food. I came in about an hour before the time on my pass and stayed about three hours. It was a nice perk from THS. :blush: