Global Airport Lounge Passes

Hello Everyone,
I am traveling to Central America in September. Where or how do I access the global airport lounge passes that came with my premium membership? Thanks for your help.

When I was interested, I emailed Trusted Housesitters, and a fellow named Sean replied with the following info. Hope that helps.

" *Please check the current lounges available to book by going to *

Your Lounge pass gives you access to the lounge 3 hours before your flight

In order for me to successfully book your time in the lounge, I shall firstly need for you to provide me with the following information:

** Country of airport*
** Airport name*
** Terminal number*
** Flight time and date*
** Flight number*
** Full names of passenger(s)*

*Please could you get back to me as soon as possible with the above details so I can commence the booking process? *

Please note that lounges must be booked a minimum of 72 hours before the booking time starts.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you."


This article is related to Canadian credit cards that give access to airport lounges. Check which one of your country credit cards offer those perks. (USA wins ! )

Hi @Dearap. Here’s how you can connect with Membership Services to arrange for your lounge passes.

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Do we have to pay for these lounge passes?

@Dearap. The first 2 lounge passes per year are complimentary for Premium members.

Thank you for your help.

I have’t actually used the THS passes yet because we get four per year with our credit card and they are a bit easier to access so we used those first. We have one more long haul flight this fall so hope to use the THS lounge passes on our between our connecting flights.

We used our annual passes on a recent trip to Mexico from the UK (Gatwick Airport) and found the process very simple, as shared by @Kelownagurl above. The 72 hours is important as it gives time for membership services to send you all the details and organize your entry. I would do this a littler earlier still if you are able.

When we arrived at our chosen lounge there was a sign saying “Full, only booked passengers may enter” - so we were able to breeze in and have a very comprehensive breakfast which was kept topped up until lunch arrived to replace it! And somewhere to sit in peace with charging points etc. It seemed good value to us, but I guess it depends on the quality of lounge too.

This was our first international trip since the pandemic and the airport was packed. We also booked a speedy passage through baggage check (offered as part of our carparking package) and all in all, what could have been a stressful transition back to overseas travel, made for a relaxing start to our trip!

We get very few “perks” on cards in the UK … am always in awe of the benefits provided to North Americans!

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Do you know what happens if your flight is delayed when you have a specific time of entry and exit to the lounge?

@Kelownagurl We didn’t have a specific entry time … we had an email direct from Lounge Pass with all the terms … this is what it said about access:

Access is permitted 3 hours prior to scheduled flight departure. Alcoholic drinks are
only available to passengers 18 years of age or older. Waiter service; bistro menu in
addition to the self service buffet. Smart casual dress at all time.

Smart casual was definitely not a requirement :joy:

We were there 4 hours as we did have a short delay and arrived very early… no-one said anything but I guess this may vary by lounge and location.

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I used my passes this year on one long international flight with multiple layovers and it was very easy and very much appreciated.
Response from member services was very fast. Only tip is to look carefully at where lounges are located in very large airports. Some have different services and are located in different terminals so do a little research before selecting the lounge so you pick the best for you.


That’s what we found… We had the option of 2 lounges at Gatwick and also one restaurant where we could go as an alternative for a “Full English” although that was closed due to COVID. Good tip re checking Airport map.

Did you use yours for the start of journey or for one of the layovers? Were you able to, for the layover is my question? We’ve spent many a time sleeping where we can but like this idea as an alternative for some more comfortable between flight rest!

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My very long international flight had 4 segments so I chose to use my passes at the major airports with the longest layover and where I knew I would need restorative rest.
Those turned out to be layover 2 and 3, Atlanta and Paris, which is where I realized there was a much nicer lounge. The one I chose was outside of the secured area which meant a lot more walking after overnight flight and having to go through security again!
Airport map is helpful and actually looking up what services are on offer at each lounge.
It was a very nice perk for a long journey and I will use again soon.

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We always use ours for our layover, preferably on our way home after the 9-10 hr flight. We always try to have about a 3 hr layover so we are less likely to miss the connection if there is a delay. I don’t usually eat at the lounge but my husband does. I just want to be as comfortable as possible and try to sleep. Some have reclining chairs which is nice.

We have an airport lounge app that gives us the details of all the lounges we have access to and we try to make sure we can get one that’s behind security.


An app eh? Nice
A hunting we will go.

Our app is one from Mastercard Loungekey because we get 4 passes per year with our credit card. We used to have one just called Loungekey that had the same info. And before that, we used Priority Pass. Not sure what’s available.

I like the app loungebuddy.
You put the cc you have in hands + the details of your flights and it informs you:

lounges are open at departure
during your stop over
or at arrival,

free of charge with your card,
if you need to pay for
or unavailable to you. (ex: elites, military …)


Thank you for your immediate response.

Sounds great! However, I thought that the rules you can only stay in the lounge for a couple of hours. I do not think I will get to use mine for this years membership. I only have a one hour layover in MIA when I return from Central America. Dee