Overlapping dates?

Needed this a few times.
I would like to have my sitters’ dates overlap.
It could be for allowing the new sitters to be brought up to speed by the current ones, or a new applicant requesting a kind of hands on experience before committing to a long sit, or even a double sit under certain circumstances.
I would feel safer doing this on platform.
Is there a way to do that?

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Hi Pantelli and welcome! It seems to me that the best person to give a sitter info about your pets and your home would be you rather than another sitter. It’s very common for a sitter to arrive the day before the HO leaves to get to know the pets and any particular quirks of the home. Or maybe you are referring to a long sit that is being split in a way that one sitter would hand off to another?

I regards to a double sit, I don’t see why that would be necessary. If your pets require care that you feel is too much for one person you could look for a couple rather than a solo sitter. If by double sit you mean two entirely separate sitters, I think that would violate the third party in the home rule. I don’t think any sitters would agree to stay in a home with a complete stranger. If you are concerned about experience you can just look for sitters with a lot of experience and great reviews.

Hi @Panteli. Welcome to our community. Are you hoping to split a long sit between two sitters? If so, you might want to review the conversation in the thread below. Many sitters prefer long sits, and don’t like the thought of handing off to or being shown the ropes by, another sitter.

Well, mine is a large estate with several houses, empty during the winter months. So one sitter or couple could take care of the three dogs, while the other could tend the large gardens and keep an eye for leaks etc.
As I travel during this time, it might be inconvenient to fly back from another continent just to effect the sitters change.

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A I am in Greece, many applicants from outside the EU are unable to stay longer than the 90 days of the Schengen visa.

I was actually asking if there’s technically a way to invite two sets of sitters for overlapping dates as the dates are blocked after one accepts.

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Hi @Panteli
Its not possible to book siitters for overlapping dates.
I had a onfirmed sitter for a 17 day sit when the sitter advised me they had been invited to a destination wedding and would only be available for the first 9 days. I confirmed a second sitter for the balance of the sit however for the handover day between sitters I couldn’t book both of them. Membership services confirmed the system cannot accomodate the date overlap even though both sitters will be there on the same day.

I tried to look at your profile but it doesn’t come up.
However, it seems to me that you are asking a lot of Housesitters. As has already been advised, two pairs of sitters would not be allowed. I think you should be looking at paying someone to look after the estate and attend to any leaks or repairs needed. This isn’t the right platform for that.

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You could have a couple looking after the 3 dogs & if you do a good orientation and they’re experienced, they could then hand onto a new couple. I think it depends how much the garden needs as to if you can include that responsibility in the sit and how much time it would take etc. It all needs to be a fair barter for the sitters as they’re not being paid. Two sets of sitters at one time is against THS policy so not an option. Maintenance and plumbing is not in a normal remit, that sounds as if it should be a local company who the sitter can contact if needed. Love Milos but can’t see your link to check it out?

Think of a hugely popular destination, and a 40 acre estate with several buildings. It is like having two separate sitters in a small village . Every time I post new dates, i am swamped by requests within hours. You would alert the HO of a leak or a needed repair on any sit you were doing, wouldn’t you?

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You are right here.
The solution offered by support was to edit the current sitters’ dates asking their agreement and thus open the dates for the new ones.

You got it right Cuttlefish !
Whether the barter is fair is determined by the number of applicants.
My sitters are usually spending more time with the dogs and gardens than expected, which to me is a very good sign.
As for leaks and repairs, They only need to alert me, so I can have the matter addressed…

Wonderful! Please link your fabulous sounding sit @Panteli :+1: Also, you probably know already but the “swamping” won’t happen any more as it’s a max of 5 applicants for a sit.

One of my first sits was a similar situation in Bali. There was another couple there who lived in a different house on the property. THS seems to have a number of ‘rules’ regarding things I think should personally be at the discretion of the owners and sitters who are entering into an agreement together. If you wanted to do something like this, you might consider posting on sites where you may have an easier time arranging this.

Hello @Panteli and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

If possible would you be able to link your TrustedHousesitters listing on to your profile on here so others can help to better provide advice and feedback for your listing. I have attached details on how to attach your link, should you wish to add it in here.

It sounds to me that you are actually looking for a care taker over winter and a pet sitter.
Advertise for that, some retired couples who are fit and capable may be interested…
I would not be keen picking up a house sit from another sitter, damages and other liabilities would be a concern for me. I wouldn’t like living with a complete stranger either.
Seriously though, you need to hire a caretaker. This site is more for people caring for homes, and pets.


Hello @Panteli I tried to have a look at the listing link in your profile and it seems to not be showing your listing, but a link to Greece housesits. Please feel free to DM me your registered email address for THS and I can add that for you.

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Yes, that happened to me too

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