Overlapping sit email received even after dates changed

I continue to get emails about overlapping dates even though the HO unconfirmed, reset dates and sent new invite. Not sure why this is continuing? If you need to move the discussion that’s fine? I just want this resolved.

Thank you :blush:

Hello @Catgoddess_99

What a pain, I am sorry to hear that even with changing the dates this has not been resolved.
I know this has been an ongoing issue for you. As the dates of your sits have been updated and are no longer overlapping, it seems that there must be a small glitch in the system thinking they still overlap for some reason.

I would get back to the Membership Service team and ask them to raise this for you.

You can reach them at support@trustedhousesitters.com or the help desk chat at:

I will also copy the thread where this was previously discussed for some context for other reading.

I hope they find out what is happening and get it resolved :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update , I appreciate that.

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