Overlaps With Sits

I’m just curious if the TH website allows sitters to accept sits that have dates overlapping by a couple days or if you have to ask one of the HO to change their dates to match your “availability”.
For example, a couple is doing a sit and in order to not have a gap between sits, one person goes to the other sit before the first one ends.
I feel like asking a HO to change their dates is a little off-putting, especially if they want liability coverage for the actual dates a sitter will be there. I see no problem with booking two sits with some overlapping dates if it’s just a few days and there’s an agreement with the HO verbally.

Hi @pdxpetfriend,
I’m merging your post to a thread that has discussed this a lot with a lot of different perspectives. I think you will find it answers your questions but if not feel free to reach back out.

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