Permanent sitters - what's on your packing list?

Interestingly enough @botvot I own a Scott vest and would simply remove it and place it in a bin at security. Odd that this gentleman wore his through the scanner. Don’t all outer garments go through the X-ray? Perhaps each airport has different rules. I have to say, the vest is VERY convenient for being out and about without always carrying a handbag or tote. And, I do occasionally forget which pocket has which stuff :wink:


@mars having read about Scottevests for years, I got serious a few weeks ago and ordered an Ex Officio version for our up-coming trip to Europe (It was 50% off in an end-of-season sale.)

It’s going to be odd, but I’m going to leave my purse with a few things that will stay in our car in the States – it’ll be the first time in a long time that I won’t have my security-blanket of a purse! :rofl:


Those are also great to take on a cruise to hang on the shower door. Makes everything visible, easy to find, and usually not enough room in those tiny bathrooms.