Pet vaccines

Hi all,
As a new sitter I am a bit surprised that pet parents are not asked to upload proof of current rabies vaccines. I will be asking for that from now on. The cat I’m with was a bit enthusiastic and bit through my skin. I have no concerns about scratches or even bites as long as I know the cat is vaccinated. Thoughts on this?

@teamjett rabies is not a concern to me here as I think the chances of animals that carry it is country specific.

In saying that, I had a nasty cat scratch or three in December last (in suburban Australia) which required a double dose of antibiotics and a tetanus injection.

Months later, two lumps started growing on the back of my hand where the scratches were. Went to a Dr who cut them out and stitched up. Pathology report came back bacterial infection throughout. I then got a SECONDARY infection where the lumps were removed and needed another dose of strong antibiotics.

So I would just generally be extremely aware and not take a bite/scratch for granted. This cat that got me was fully vaccinated but they carry disease sometimes in their claws etc, particularly inside cats mainly. So vaccinated or not, watch very carefully, I was probably just unlucky but it was a long process to cure.

I know of others on here who have had Cat Scratch Disease and it isn’t pretty. Just my experience :person_shrugging:


I don’t plan to petsit outside of the USA. That is quite an experience you had! I am working out the questions that truly matter to me vs. what is less of a concern. It’s funny that at first we probably trust more and then over time we narrow down the information that we need to have that confirms the trust for our individual needs. I’m really liking the whole experience, though.

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This has never occurred to me at all. I personally have only had a rabies jab once when travelling in SE Asia where there can be lots of homeless dogs. I’ve never thought of it the other way around. Do cats and dogs in the US normally get vaccinated against rabies?

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Cats and dogs must be vaccinated for rabies every one to three years in the US.


Yes, and it’s very rarely found in pets. But just as sitters are background checked, I made an assumption that HOs must have all required vaccinations.

Yes, and it is very rare in pets and humans. But just like sitters are background checked, I made an assumption that HOs have to show required vaccines for their pets. Learning! (And yes will check with HO currently out of cell range.)

@mars well there you go, I never would have known that! Yet the World Health Organisation lists the USA as having no dog rabies. Australia certainly doesn’t. Mostly Africa and Asia, so I’m really surprised the USA has that law.

@teamjett as you will only be sitting in the USA, I guess most homeowners would or should have that certificate then. :person_shrugging: I still wouldn’t write off the harm that a bad cat scratch can cause, Google Cat Scratch Disease, I’m sure the member who also had it will see this on the forum and mention her experience with it, not pleasant! But whatever makes you comfortable.