Pets That Bite!

What is the policy on pets that bite?

I’ve just seen a listing about a bird that bites, and it “can be very painful” - I was interested til I read that part!

I am lucky not have been bitten so far by any pets I’ve sat for with THS, but recently I sat for a friend and her 1 year old dog bit me so hard it still hurts now, over three weeks later!

(he is a sweetheart, but hates it when you take anything off him, and wasn’t fully trained. So he bites as a knee-jerk reaction, then says Sorry by licking the bite better!)

I had plenty of layers, so he didn’t puncture me.

But one of my rules now is No Biting/Attacking the sitter in general!

Is there an official rule about this?

And do any sitters or HOs have any stories about pets biting?

Thank you

Hi @BillyBonnieBenji,

It has been discussed here: