Pleased to meet you!

My name is Debra and I’m new to THS. I’d love to know what you think about my profile and about your experiences with THS. I’m not really sure how things work yet but I’m working my way around the website and thought the forum was a good place to start.
I’m retired and live with my husband and our golden retriever, Harry. We have a trip booked in October and we’d like him to stay at home. The reviews were really good for THS so I joined!
I would love a sitter in the North of England so that I could go on last minute holidays sometimes but I’ll start with the October trip and see where that leads me.
Lovely to chat
Deb x


Hello @DebraC and welcome to the forum where you are going to find so much help from our seasoned members who can answer most any question you may have about THS and the sitters available to assist you.

Can I first say Harry looks adorable (love the pic of the flag in his mouth) and your home looks very comfy and welcoming.

I do have one suggestion to help you with possibly reaching more potential sitters. If you link your member profile to your forum profile here at Procedure - How to add a listing to a forum user profile - Staff - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum, and follow the easy instructions, you will find this gives our members access to give you feedback on your profile and ease to reach out to you regarding your sit dates.

I wish you all the luck, and once again, welcome to the THS family!

Welcome Debra to this wonderful world. Harry looks gorgeous. I’ve looked after a couple of Goldies so far and they’re a wonderful breed. Your home looks very nice and comfortable. I’m just wondering, given that you stay at home, how long Harry can be left alone because that’s a question potential sitters will ask so I recommend you add that.
I would also put the pics of Harry first, and maybe start with the one where he has a tea cloth on his head. That made me smile!
Good luck!