Post Brexit Queries - UK Passport Holders on French House Sits


Apologies if this has already been answered.

We have some queries about the situation post Brexit for EU residents looking to have a UK passport holder travelling from the UK to house sit in France.

  1. Will they need a work permit? Even though the sit is unpaid is it classed simply as a vacation and stay for legal purposes ?

  2. Will a ‘letter of welcome’ be needed for the sitters to show to the French Border Control Officers confirming the reason for their stay? If so, is there a generally accepted wording template to use?

  3. Will the hosts have to act as guarantors for the THS coming to stay? This would confirm health insurance etc?

  4. What other potential issues may arise as a result of Brexit?

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Ah yes, we have a sit booked in France in September and our pet owner has kept us very well informed. It changes from day to day. At the moment it looks like we need a letter of invitation from them to get into France. This is not simple, it has to be done through the Government site and costs, at the moment under €100. We are UK citizens with UK passports.
Nothing is clear and it is a very liquid situation. Our present sit has been cut short as the pet owners cannot get into France to go to their boat. The ferry crossing was cancelled. It may be something to do with the Indian variant of COVID. It may just be a political tit for tat situation. Who knows? That’s this week, next week will be different.
It’s a wait and see situation.

Sitting is not a “work” as it is not paid, you’re not an employée. The owner can’t insure you.

If you have a british passeport i guess you can travel as a tourist during 3 months , it gives you time to sit…

Would you need to go to another country (Belgium, germany, luxembourg, switzerland , italy, spain close by) to show you went out of France before coming back ? I don’t know how you can get a stamp on your passeport, as we have no more borders between the 27 countries of “Schengen space”

Angela will know

I just looked on the government web site, this may help you (in english)

I agree that non-Europeans can travel to France on holiday and housesit without a letter etc . We have done sits in France without anything special (from Canada).

But you should also be aware that at the moment, covid restrictions are what would be preventing you from travel/sits.

Hi Kitty… a big welcome to the community. Thanks for joining and asking a very relevant question about travel by UK passport holders into France.

Its doubly confusing at moment with both Brexit and Covid regs to follow. From today noone can enter from the UK without an essential reason. 2nd home visits/vacations are not essential travel. This may change at any time, so should be monitored regularly.

Secondly the removal of the UK from the EU means UK passport holders can only stay in Europe (anywhere) for 90 days out of 180. The Schengen rules basically, but without the need to obtain a Schengen visa - unique for the UK.

Here is the updated link on the UK gov site covering everything about entry into France from both Covid and post Brexit perspectives:

Some in France are saying the “attestation d’accueil” (hosting certificate) isn’t necessary, but I would advise your sitters follow UK Gov advice until changes made officially. Be warned… this one is a long read :slight_smile: Hope it helps.

For readers: This post is ONLY for UK Passport Holders and is correct as of 31 May 2021. Always check official sites before making travel arrangements.