Product Update - June 2022

I think the auto-pause should not take effect until 10 applicants. As a HO, i might have 5 mediocre applicants and want to see if someone better applies. I may not be ready to decline any of the first 5, but don’t want to confirm them either.

I agree that the limit also prejudices people in different time zones. I check listings multiple times a day but I still see some listings that have 12+ applicants before they ever appear in my feed.


That reminds me of a conversation I had with a HO. She’d had about 12 applications when I applied, and I said I wasn’t going to apply since I assumed she’d had enough applications and was just going through the process. She said, “well, uh, most of them were not, erm, impressive.”


@Ben-ProductManager @Kelownagurl @Lassie we were thinking exactly the same, a cut off at 10 would be much better.


I also really like the /24 hours as well.


Hi @Lassie

In the case you have highlighted, the Owner could have 5 mediocre applicants and can still unpause and request another 5. The desired behaviour would be for the owner to check-in, respond and to not leave Sitters waiting.

This is the first version and we will take the learnings and feedback and iterate on the pausing.


Just to make this clear - BOTH conditions would have to be met simultaneously. Playing around the margins - for example 10 sits in 48 hours would be fine, The key point is that EVERYONE gets a chance to apply and be seen by the homeowner. Otherwise you are turning THS into a series of primarily national sites for desirable sits.


What about the time that passes between when TH pauses it on them and when they have time (or wake up) to un-pause it? During that window sitters can’t apply. That hurts the HO; it doesn’t help them.

I don’t understand why you are making it more difficult for HOs to find sitters with this odd attempt at manipulating their behaviour. Let people behave as they are and let sitters and HOs make decisions based on that behaviour. We’re all grown ups here.


Ben, thank you for the update but please, please do not pause applications at 5! Can you increase it to 10? We might not apply to our perfect sit on that first day, and if you shut us out right away, that hurts many sitters who might be busy with life for a day before we can look at new sits. Please raise the application limit!


@Ben-ProductManager - i shouldn’t need to actively do anything to increase the applicant number. I do respond to all applicants quickly, but unless I decline or confirm, I will be limited to 5 until I specifically request an increase.

I am a sitter and HO here, and I dislike when my applications are not acknowledged. I don’t take it personally, however, and can withdraw my application or follow up with the HO if I want to prompt a response.

Making it even more difficult for a HO to get an acceptable sitter seems like a misguided product improvement when sitters are already in short supply.


Totally opposed to pausing applications both as a sitter and as a Homeowner. As a Homeowner, even though my profile is pretty specific to what I’m looking for in a sitter, and living in Florida; I get a ton of applicants who DO NOT fit my parimeter AND also ones who apply just to send me a note that they aren’t really interested in my summer (Florida) dates, but would like to be kept in mind for winter dates. So now I won’t be getting the true number of application and as that I’m choosy, thats it, I get the five who do not fit, or just one out of 5. This is just terrible. We are paying a lot of money, let me see all the applicants, I want to find the best one. Then as a sitter, you have to be staying right on top of this in order to apply fast, again, I’m a great sitter, 5 star, I just think all around this is little concern for your homeowners looking for the best fit.


Based on the feedback here it makes me wonder how and why THS came up with this idea.
This along with the weird search function trying to direct UK sitters to UK sits recently, are really bad ideas that were implemented off the cuff almost.

Yet the review system that a lot of people don’t like and has been on the radar for quite a while now, gets routinely ignored.

Odd state of affairs.


Actually I don’t see the problem for Home Owners. If there are 5 not suitable applicants they can decline them. If there is one maybe candidate don’t decline this one but decline the others. So there are still 4 options left.
I also don’t understand how it seems not to be possible for Home Owners to answer within a few hours. If I let dates go live I am actually looking forward to receiving applications and plan time for answering them.


What about the problems highlighted above by HO’s?

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I don’t know. To me it’s not a problem :woman_shrugging:t3:

The problem is when the first 5 candidates are just “suitable”. but not “great.” I don’t live in a very popular city, so I can’t afford to decline all 5 and assume that someone better will apply next. I also don’t want to accept any of the first 5 without seeing who else might apply.


Exactly. Many of us do work, and can only look at sits at the end of the day (and not just the moment that work ends).
Also, if the number of applications is shut off, does the sit become invisible? Then if applications are turned back on, does it then reappear? At the top of the listings, or somewhere else?


Totally agree with Meow and Expat6. We are home owners and sitters, and I don’t want to see my home applications limited right away, or my sit applications limited because I had to work and couldn’t get to the site. Unless of course the desire is to have this site just for people that don’t work during the day, and can manage to check sits in other time zones at inconvenient hours. Please reconsider this.


I agree with the comments above, pausing at five applications is very little. I’ll have to constantly monitor sits in other time zones to see if I can - check with my spouse, check airfares, make sure our home can be looked after…and then apply, hoping to be in the top five. That’s hard enough to do in a day, much less with now a new added time crunch for many sit locations of being in the top 5.

Many, many times we’ve been selected from pools of 10 or more applications, after interviews. Please reconsider this.


How on earth did you have time to research various statistics referenced in the reasoning for the new auto-pause system, but the team has been unable to implement a blind review system identical to the existing one at Airbnb for well over a year now, based on the apparent history of forum conversations begging for that feature?

I would much rather see your limited resources spent on something like this - or anything that a high number of members have posted requests for - than something that literally no one has asked for, and just about everyone who has reacted here has expressed concerns with. Respectfully, that makes no sense.


Hi @Lassie in this instance the owner could look at all 5 and if they wanted more applicants can put the listing back live.

Thanks, Ben

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