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Hi @Wetravel in an ideal world or even a TrustedHousesitters ideal Forum world we would absolutely agree.

Of course we want members to communicate on all manner of subjects, positive and challenging, it’s how we all learn and grow.

Unfortunately with the Pausing Applications Topic and this is what we are discussing there’s a small cohort who take every opportunity to post the same negative narrative preventing a fair and constructive conversation from happening, this takes excessive amounts of moderation and admin management and drives the overall tone of the forum into negative territory which ultimately is of little or no benefit to the community.

The Pausing Applications discussion created an environment where other forum members, new and experienced, were extremely reluctant to become involved in the conversation we know this from the number of Direct Messages we received and the many requests to close the topic.

There are many members who have adopted and adapted to the functionality with great success and as you have suggested we would welcome hearing from members about their experiences and it would be beneficial to have everyone’s POV. However ensuring a positive outcome for the good of the community around “that” discussion is another matter entirely.

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Hi Everyone :wave:

We have just done a new App release :iphone: which includes the following:

1. We now show sits without live dates at the bottom of the App search. These sits appear as an extra section below the sits with available dates. @Daisy999

2. Messages not appearing in the inbox thread. We have had some reports of messages not appearing on App, but appearing on the web. We’ve added functionality to allow users to swipe up from the bottom of a conversation thread in order to reload the messages. If any messages have not loaded then this will refresh the inbox and message thread and fetch the most up-to-date messages.

3. Android back button not working when viewing a listing We have fixed a few bugs with the android back button in the search, where pressing it wouldn’t navigate back.

Many Thanks, Ben


Working perfectly. Thank you @Ben-ProductManager

Would you please clarify what you mean by “sits without live dates”. I did a couple of searches on the android app and got no results either live or not live.

Hi @Wetravel

We now show a section called sits not currently accepting applications - a listing is within this section:

  • A Sit has been paused
  • A Owner has confirmed a Sitter
  • A Owner does not have any live dates

It looks like the following and is in the latest iOS and Android release.

Thanks, Ben

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Thanks Ben,

Now could you PLEASE make it so we can see captions on pictures when we’re looking at sits on our computers and not just on the phone app? I know members have been requesting this for over a year.


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Hi @Wetravel

It’s on our to-do list :+1:

It’s not been done, yet as it’s more complicated than we thought, as we don’t have enough space on mobile layout/design, so we will need to look at a different solution, and will likely need to rejig the layout for photos and captions to work across devices.

Thanks, Ben

Hi Ben,

The captions show on the mobile app.

They don’t show when we’re looking at them online on the website on a PC.

So, not having enough space on the “mobile layout/design” shouldn’t apply.


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@Wetravel we also need to make it work on mobile web, website is responsive to all screen sizes as well as desktop view.

Many Thanks, Ben

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Just curious, I didnt see the reviewing or low application badges on the app. Did see the low app on the web login.

With future changes, can you specify which part of the platform they are visible. i.e. web only, apple app only, android app only etc etc

Don’t understand this feature and feel development time could go to fix known problems.

It’s feels like, these are some you’ve missed out on. Better luck next time. As we don’t have any you can apply for, just look at these.

If I had a restaurant and show meals that we have made in the past, it doesn’t help me right now. If anything highlights the lack of sits based on my search.

Perhaps work to fix the problem that after scrolling down 99 sits, the 100th is repeated 50+ times. So when it says 5,400 sits, it doesn’t help me if I can’t see them. Especially as you have so many convoluted ways for a HO to boost theirs to the top. Which again smacks of either up selling, sorry no one is clicking on yours, if you buy premium package you can boost. Or that it is a way to temporarily appease disgruntled HO from leaving. Either way, don’t feel it is a move by a strong confident organisation.

Another problem just starting the last few days, after 30ish sits in the homepage, the others are not loading photos. Then the is a run of no photos, then 1 with, the continues with no photos.