Prospective sitter has multiple 4 star and 3 star reviews recently


I confirmed a sitter last year for a long term sit this summer.

Last year they had 15 5 star reviews , great.

However since around December they have had 6 more reviews , a mixture of 4 3 star reviews. All mentioned untidy and disorganised , sitter has left some rather aggressive reponses along the lines of prove it let me see photographic evidence

I don’t understand what has happened and it’s really putting me off them staying a month at mine :upside_down_face:

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What were the reviews she left for all those owners like @Kernit as this will also give you insight? You just have to click on the owner’s photo to take you to their listing then check their reviews.

If you don’t feel comfortable any longer with this sitter, you can cancel. There could be various reasons for a change in pattern, but it doesn’t matter if their latest reviews and replies make you worry.


Hello, the sitter left 5 star reviews for all these owners , its really odd. Since the end of last year the sitters reviews have become terrible.

This sounds like all her not so good reviews, were after the blind review system came in. Before this, almost everybody gave and received 5 star reviews, because members were afraid of retaliatory ones, but now that they are blind, this doesn’t happen. Bit of a red flag I think.


Don’t know anything about this sitter beyond what you’ve mentioned, but generally people can have a mental health crisis or breakdown, go off medications, have a physical ailment that affects their behavior, become addicted to substances or alcohol, fall off the wagon. Who knows what else.

Does it matter, though, if you’re now worried about a change in pattern of behavior? A one-off would be different. You’re saying there have been multiple poor reviews, plus aggressive responses. These are red flags.


It’s totally understandable to be feeling like this. Especially if there’s been a succession of reviews that have been less than complimentary about this particular sitter. At the end of the day, it’s your home and your pets and it’s crucial that you feel fully comfortable with the person you’ve chosen. I’d be having reservations too if I was in your shoes so it’s perfectly understandable if you choose not to go ahead with this person.


@Kernit - do they have any sits booked on the site this month?
If so maybe see how that one goes.
Alternatively ask them directly about the reviews and if you have any concerns cancel the sit.


Did you have a video chat with this sitter prior to confirming them @Kernit? If so, it might be worth you contacting them, say via WhatsApp or your Inbox, mentioning you have just seen their latest reviews and were a little concerned. Could they shed some light on them for you?
A couple of years ago, I was faced with a similar situation but it was the owner who had received a scathing review from their last sitter and I was due to sit for them in a couple of weeks. I expressed my concerns through THS messages and the owners gave their side of the story. They had given these sitters a good review and were shocked by the claims they made. As I was sitting about 40 minutes from them, I visited them on their invitation. I am glad I did because it turned out to be a lovely sit and they were genuinely, kind and thoughtful hosts who struck it unlucky with their choice of previous sitters.


Hey @Kernit lots of good support as usual from members.

I’m thinking the blind reviews may be the biggest factor. (Pro blind reviews)

It’s interesting that you thought to check the sitters reviews along the way toward your sit. Not sure I would have thought of that…

I would like to add to suggestions that you make contact to check in since the sit was confirmed awhile ago.

Ask if the person has any questions/comments about the welcome guide you sent, as you would like to make a time for clarifying any questions she may have, i.e., expectations for cleanliness/ tidying up…arrival/departure time.

If the person says “no questions” then you can reply, “ok good because cleanliness and “fido’s” feeding schedule is very important, as we both are shooting for 5 star reviews, which I am sure we both take very seriously. Please let me know if anything comes up.”

Or you could just contact the person and discuss a cancel…though not an extenuating circumstance, it could be considered a change in criteria you agreed upon, i.e. , the existing reviews.

But honestly, I would just ask the sitter for a time to check in and I would inquire.
My kitty and my home are not things I am going to put in potential “,jeopardy” and I am not going to hesitate to speak up for me and mine.

Keep us poted!


And if you try to read between the lines? knowing what you read now?

Does it say anything about cleanliness? Do they write that they would be welcome back or that the HO would recommend them?

Edited (thank you @Val )

The OP is the HO.

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@Kernit, if the sit is not until this summer, unless it’s a difficult one to fill for some reason, I think you have plenty of time to do some investigation before you decide for sure to cancel, but honestly canceling is where my head would be at right now. The aggressive responses to reviews is a much bigger red flag than the reviews themselves, for me.


Thanks Val

Its central London , and been lucky to have always had alot of applicants in the past and with one exception great sitters.


The reviews last year before approx Dec were all 5 star although looking closely the individual reviews for cleanliness and self sufficiency were often 3 or 4 stars , i hadnt noticed that before !

From Dec they have had 5 reviews, 4 were 4 star and one was 3 star. All but one review said cleanliness was an issue, items broken and house or flat not left clean and organised

The sitter on 3 of these has left quite aggressive answers , denying any issues and saying wouldnt do the sit again or want to deal with HO again.

I am wondering now if its the new blind review system and quite apprehensive at habing them in my place


What would happen if the sitter had already booked flights/train tickets?

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You’re typically on your own.

I think if it was one or two reviews that were a bit iffy then life happens. As someone else said it’s the aggressive responses from the sitter that are the real red flag :triangular_flag_on_post: If it’s bothering you already, cancel the sitter & find a replacement whilst you have a good amount of time. #minimalworryessential


I agree with Cuttlefish, if you are feeling anxious already, it’s probably not going to get better over time, and it’s really kinder to cancel now than a week out when/if the concern you’re feeling finally becomes intolerable as the sit becomes imminent.

Besides the big reveal of the more recent not-so-positive reviews, and noticing that even before they got dinged on cleanliness, I’ll worry about their scathing replies.
I wouldn’t want them in my house.

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