Public liability

Followed the questions re sitter liability but still not totally clear on what the sitter can do to protect themselves. I’m in a slightly fluid housing situation right now but will be a tenant with contents insurance at least. How do I protect myself even just a little - is public liability insurance a good idea for free sits? I know you can get it for not for profit ventures… I do plan on also doing paid sits ( not on this platform) but it would be good to know. Have read the conversations but I am still not totally clear. Thanks

I’m not 100% but usually owners should have public liability insurance included in their house insurance, I certainly have. There was a sitter on here (I think she’s left) who took out her own insurance for when she’s sitting. I just have travel insurance for when I’m travelling/housesitting abroad. Do a search on the forum and see what crops up, if you haven’t already, but no doubt a more knowledgeable member than me will comment here.

In the US the use of “umbrella insurance” is somewhat common. This typically requires underlying insurance on autos and property and offers legal defense and loss protection at a higher level than the underlying policies while also covering additional risks that the underlying policies do not. Not sure if that approach is used elsewhere … the US being more litigious than many other places. Stay safe!

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