Liability insurance if sitter gets injured

Does Trusted Housesitters provide any insurance if a sitter becomes injured (or worse) in my home when sitting? I have a pool, lots of stairs, in which someone could become injured (or worse). Although my homeowners insurance MAY cover injuries, there may be exclusions for people staying in my home for months.

Hello, @orangele2003 Thank you for your question and concern as to what would happen if something happened to your sitter/s during your sit.

If you go to the Help Desk which can be found in the footer of the THS home page (see the link below)

You can type in insurance and several articles will come up.

Here is the one regarding home & contents protection, which mentioned the following:

Does it cover sitters?

Yes, sitters are covered. The Home and Content Protections includes public liability. This covers you in case the sitter has an accident in and around your property.

You can reach out to Membership services for the exact T&Cs or any other questions at :slight_smile:

OK thank you for that information, that addresses my question.