Question about toasters

Hi @mars
Marmite, in my opinion, is far better than Vegemite although I’m getting used to the latter downunder! Any bread will do, although I like wholemeal, seeded or sourdough bread, toasted or not. I also love Marmite on toasted crumpets and……(people in the UK will think this weird) on toasted tea cakes! It’s lovely in a cheese sandwich. I’ll be surprised if you like it as it’s very much an acquired taste. However, I introduced it to a Spanish friend when we were in our 20s and she loved it. I acquired the taste as a baby I believe, as Marmite was dished out free to mothers - I never queried why and have just seen the following on
‘The welfare clinic in the 1950s provided subsidised orange juice and Marmite, so a generation of Marmite babies are now in their fifties and sixties’
Yes, I’m officially a ‘Marmite baby’
But I still don’t know why….
Oh and Marmite is suitable for vegetarians
And another thing….I bought Marmite in Australia and it’s a slightly different taste to the UK version.

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