Red Flags?

@LTD - It is obvious on the App but there is no way of knowing on the website

@Colin, if by ‘the app’ you mean THS as downloaded onto my phone and iPad, I can see very, very little by accessing THS this way. For example, I’ve just completed a house sit and submitted my feedback for the HO. I can see only my feedback but on my desktop I can see all the other sitters the HO has had and their feedback. On the app I can see very little. And I have no idea how to work out who has not left feedback! That is quite beyond me.

if you go to your feedback and there is a red line - I think you swipe left ( or maybe right!) to see previous sitters - and it will be blank if they have not left any feedback

I’ve seen this listing over the years too. Surely, the latest review that mentions that others were on the property and that the owners are often there is a violation of the rules?

Hi @travellingnomad if you could please let me know which listing you are referring to I will have Membership Services look into it.

Thank you

it’s the one @RunnerC posted above in Sligo and you had replied to.

Thank you @travellingnomad, we have been in contact with the owner each time they list.

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A major red flag for me is when HOs don’t bother to tidy up - at least a little - before taking pictures of their home. If it’s messy and dirty-looking in photos, they probably won’t bother to clean it before you get there.
Other red flags include when the pet can’t be left alone for very long due to separation anxiety, or when they include a minute-by-minute schedule or long list of daily chores. I love THS, especially when it operates as (I believe) it should, as an exchange of services by mutually respectful and animal-loving parties. However, it’s a huge red flag to me when people are clearly just looking for free, live-in labor, and don’t prioritise giving you a comfortable experience or place to stay. I’ve seen quite a few listings where people are clearly expecting to be provided a free petsitting maid service.


I am on a sit that I have to pay $10 for parking if I cannot find anything in the area.
The HO had the knowledge I was driving to her place. Never happened to me. One more question to ask to HO.

@Grandma oh thats a bummer and it might be worth asking the HO to add this information to her next listing; it wont help you but it might help the next person. If they object, it tells you something about the person! It looks like another ‘box’ detail @Angela-CommunityManager as for alot of sitters having to pay for parking would be a real issue…something like ‘is parking available at your property?’

Hi @Grandma parking can be an issue @carpediem it’s a good point for inclusion in the Welcome Guide.

Out of experience, if taking my car, I always ask about parking especially in built up areas where there is only on street parking Some owners have been kind enough to provide visitor parking permits.

As you continue on your pet and house sitting journey Grandma compiling a list of questions to ask will become your pet sitter’s “bible”

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After more than 30 sits, still learning


You are absolutely right @Grandma we NEVER stop learning … I certainly don’t and you could probably teach me a few tricks also :heart_eyes:

A Hugh red For me is when the HO wants you to stay in a” guest house/casita with a dorm refrigerator and a hot plate with two giant dogs. You can clearly see in the pics that there is a palatial home on the property. If I’m not good enough or trusted enough to stay in the main house with their beloved pets, then I’m not good enough to sit for them. I can see that this doesn’t bother some people, as they do get applications if it’s a great location. We want to feel like we’re trusted and appreciated.


Where in the world are you?

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I went through the same with someone demanding to contact references. It was my worst experience on a sit. Filthy house (and not to be woo-woo, but there was some BAD energy in that home), poor rescue dog who couldn’t be left alone, horrific mattress (master BR was padlocked)…I could go on. Never met the HO but another woman came to “initiate” me and made me go through the motions of feeding the dog while she watched.

Now I will say “thanks but no!” if someone demands to have direct contact with previous HOs and friends. My reviews and profile should speak for themselves.


Yes, being treated like a lower class of human is charming. If they want someone to look down on and treat as “the help,” I’m not the sitter they want.


It’s interesting to see that there is already 8-11 applicants for this listing coming up in November. The most recent review is very detailed and doesn’t exactly paint a rosy picture of the house sit assignment or the homeowners!

@Sittersue yes I get a funny feeling for those kind of listings and generally won’t apply though there have been a few exceptions and one where the cottage (a converted garage) with nice neat kitchen, en-suite and views out across fields was so much nicer and a whole lot cleaner than the main house. It was set up as an Air BnB so they made a point of keeping it in good order while the main house was just chaos and dog-hair…lovely dogs and good location so it worked for me.

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They should be removed and banned from the site. Previous slaves should sue for back wages and reimbursement for utilities paid. Unbelievable.

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