References - Who do you use?

When HOs ask for references, who do you use? Friends/family/employers?

Do you already have reviews? References in your profile?

The only time a prospective HO insisted on getting additional references from me (including contacting previous HOs directly–presumably to find out if my 5 stars were really deserved), the sit turned out to be just awful. I should have asked for references for the HO.

Edited to add that, since that experience, should someone ask again, I will say I don’t think it’s necessary, given my existing reviews and that I’ve done the background check etc. It’s also a burden on the previous HOs’ and others’ time.

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Hi @dixi05 My initial reaction to your question was similar to Katie, wondering if you already have reviews and/or references. If you are new in that you have neither, I’ll add what displays on the THS website in your dashboard, for guidance. I would suggest you add those as quickly as possible.

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 7.07.40 PM

If you have those and a homeowner is asking for contact information from those references or previous sitters, I would be asking the owners to share what concerns they have that’s prompting that request and try and address that directly.

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We have only ever been asked once for more references. We have two references on our profile plus all our reviews and really that should be enough. But this pet owner wanted them so I contacted a couple of our previous pet owners and asked them if I could give them their contact details which happened. An inconvenience but it all depends how much you want the sit.