Owner references

I’ve been asked to write a reference for some I housesat for via a different platform who has just joined THS. I don’t recall ever seeing references for new owners, just sitters. Obviously owners get feedback when they start having sitters.
Can an owner please confirm? I started the reference but the questions refer to a sitter

@Smiley I never seen / read a reference for an owner - ( although as a sitter I think it would be a great idea )
Have they joined with combined membership perhaps ?

How much can you really read into a reference though?
A potential new user will always ask someone they know who will give a glowing reference


Even if THS doesn’t display references for hosts, they could screenshot one and show it among their images. The value of that is debatable.

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Maybe someone requested it directly and they’d like to share a your reference with that party as a real user of a system who has a profile that can be fact-checked?

Have you checked with the person to clarify? As far as I know they haven’t added any owner references. (I am combined.) But as others suggested, maybe they are planning to start the membership combined and something showing them to be responsible and communicative as petparents would be a good reference for them as sitters. If you write it for them you wouldn’t be writing about sitting, just keep it real and authentic with what you know about them as responsible petloving humans.

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@Smiley I agree with @Silversitters, I think your HO has combined membership. We joined as sitters first and had reviews done via THS and got our combined membership a few months later. Have never seen any way of sending a reference request as a HO as that function is only under our sitter profile.

Yes, since posting this they’ve told me they have a combined membership

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