Referring Listings without photos of guest/sitter bedroom, living areas etc. to Membership Services

Would it not be a good idea to have a report this listing button next to these symbols on the live ads as this seems like a far more useful tool than ‘sharing the listing’:

I say this as it’s only just come to my attention that postings that do NOT show the sitters accommodation are apparently not allowed - yet there are SOOOO many! It’s bad enough that we are forever policing these posts ourselves and the staff are not doing this - the least you could do is make this process easier for us? no?

Just having a browse today and in 5 minutes, have already seen 3 postings that go against these rules.


I also see sit ads on a daily basis not showing photos of the inside of the dwelling. I like the idea of a report this listing button suggested by @claresitsdogs


Thank you @Crookie - please “vote” this post if you feel that this is good suggestion in the top left of the screen!

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Absolutely agree (and voted). I’ve been saying this since I joined THS last year.

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Voted. We’ve seen a lot of sits where the dates don’t match the title or the description. In that case the HO has reposted their prior listing without updating their information. Others have blurry or stock photos (downloaded from the Internet).


@Ben-ProductManager It seems if this were prioritized (based on member votes) you could build a few simple mandatory questions sitters would need to answer when reporting a posting (Due to: lack of pictures of sitter accommodations, (other requirement), (other requirement), none of the above (which would require filling in the reason)) that could be used to kick off an automated workflow. That way these reportings could be acted upon while ensuring member service personnel are able to continue focusing on issues that need a human touch.


I know I saw one the other day where the owners didn’t want someone staying in their home just dropping by but after starting to try and work out how to report it I lost interest and moved on to something else. This is a great idea.


I know I give up reporting these things as they really make it so complicated to do so. But if my last sit had of been flagged (through it’s lack of ‘interior’ photos) I likely wouldn’t have turned up to a filthy place.

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These listings are easy to report, just email a link to the listing to

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But that’s the same email for every other issue, emergency, question… makes no sense. They can’t keep up with the amount of queries to that email as it is!! Everyone I talk to is echoing the same.

It should be a report listing button, you are then given a multiple choice reason (as someone suggested above) and then the post is taken down until such time that someone at TH can review it, get in touch with the HO to change/revise etc., then it goes live again.



Wow, I just learned this right here. Could you kind enough to link to the information about it being a requirement to have interior photos of the sitters accommodations somewhere here. It is so frustrating with these sits to have not one single photo of the bed you will be sleeping in or the bathroom you will be using at a bare minimum, and just a ton a pictures of the local river or bridge or something. It would be wonderful to have that sorted at an earlier stage.


I was just looking for that info but can’t find it.

At most, it says:

"As an Owner, you must add at least interior photos and pet photos to your home listing, and the more you can add the better. Displaying clear photos of your home and pets will help improve your success on the platform as it helps potential sitters get a feel for where they will be staying and who they’ll be looking after. "

But it doesn’t specify that it’s mandatory to have pics of bedroom etc.


If a sit doesn’t have a photo of the bedroom, kitchen, and/or living area, I ask the HO to text or email me pictures before I accept a sit.


Hi there, I am seeing Homeowner advertisements with just photos of the pets but not the room where the housesitter stays in. I wonder if the homeowner misses out on sits because of this?

Yes, I know @claresitsdogs but that’s the email I was told by @Angela-CommunityManager to send the listing links to that don’t have internal photos. I know it’s frustrating. Hopefully Angela or @Vanessa-Admin can add to this concern or escalate to the right THS peeps to get some action.

Maybe if we all start emailing these non compliant listings to THS might do something about this issue or at least provide a different channel to report them


Thank you for your feedback and the suggestions for highlighting listings that need help or attention.

Any listings needing help or attention are very likely to be existing listings where owners have published new dates. These listings do not go through an approval process and could have been edited post approval or not have the (now) required images.

If a member comes across these listings they can be sent by DM to any of the Forum Team (thank you to members already using this process) myself, Vanessa, Therese and Lucy

if your question is how … the simplest way is to copy and paste the URL (link in the search bar) and a couple of words highlighting the issue …

  • third party in home
  • no internal pics etc
  • drop in care only

There are over 5,000 listings on the site with high daily volume of approvals, the Membership Services Team do a brilliant job and we do appreciate any help coming from our community, it’s not asked for or expected but greatly received.

Thank you

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Great suggestion! As it’s pointless channeling everything through the support@ email for everything!!

I’m sorry but I have to beg to differ lately as through my experiences and what I’m hearing echoed through many members new and old.

I think having different channels for reporting different issues is a must.


thank you so much for finding this and putting it here. It’s much appreciated.

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