Flagging inappropriate sit postings

I would love if there was a way to flag/report a sit directly from the HO’s posting. I know that we can separately e-mail THS if we see a sit that violates rules (e.g. not wanting the sitter to stay overnight). However, it would be much easier if there was a “Report this” button on the listing, similar to what is available on Facebook posts and other social media platforms. Screenshot (60)|482x499


That is the post that triggered my comment! I’ve reported others where the HOs have lodgers or other people staying at the house during the sit.


Angela has mentioned recently that if you direct message her with a link she will get follow up done. I realize that wasn’t your original comment, but I just thought I’d mention it.

I’m going to add @Ben-ProductManager here, as he may be the appropriate person to address website modifications.


@Snowbird @Lassie Hi all… This has already been referred by direct message and I have passed the sit over to membership services for them to check it out. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

You can notify Angela or myself by direct message if you see a problematic sit and now that we have a dedicated membership services person on the forum team, @Therese can also be tagged to help.

Thanks again for spotting!

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@snowbird @Lassie @Vanessa_A Just to confirm I have emailed the homeowner so she will either adjust her listing for the sitter to stay in their home, or we will remove it. Thank you for the heads up!


Hi @travellingnomad - thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will be emailing the homeowner now. Kind regards Therese

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Just reported a shocking listing!!

Send via a private message on the forum to membership services!!

Can’t write the specifics here as been advised can’t identify the sits that are reported on the forum, in case the HO themselves see’s that their sit has been reported / discussed on here but WOW!!

Some people really are unbelievable!!

I just saw one that made me really sad from someone with a disability. Obviously not going to report it as it just looks like they really need some assistance in their home but really think they will struggle to get any applicants :frowning:

I thought all sits would be vetted before being listed as live on the site!
I also have no idea how big or small the TH admin team is. I just thought they would have to be vetted for inappropriate content & images as a given. Does no one check the listings before they go live?

THS says that they review all new listings, but that some fall through the cracks. I see so many listings that have no prior sitters (so I assume they are new) that violate THS rules that I don’t think their vetting process is very thorough.

Even if a listing is vetted before the first listing, HOs can change it later. THS does not review changes made to an existing listing.

Thank you @travellingnomad. I will tag @Lucy-B who will look into this further. We appreciate you bringing these to our attention, but ask that they be sent by direct message to a moderator. If you use the About tab and direct message any moderator, they will refer it to the membership services team.

Thank you,
Voluntary Forum Moderator

Hi @travellingnomad thank you for bringing this to our attention and we shall take a look at this over in Membership Services.

As @Snowbird says, please do feel free to direct message me or any of the other moderators should you feel any other listings require attention.

All the best

well, strange listings for sure : i just noticed this one specifying (for a 5 months sit with no pets, no photos shown)

We are now looking for a house sitter and site manager, responsible for various duties on site. Staff accommodation provided, ideally for a couple. additional skills, such as cooking, catering, massage or beauty treatment, are desirable.

@Lucy-moderator, and @Therese I send you the link privately as I made once the huge mistake to show the listing and i have been highly critised, not warmly at all, by a member…

@Candide Thank you so much for forwarding the details to Lucy and Therese. As they’re now into their weekend, you are likely to hear from them Monday morning (UK time).

Please realize you didn’t make a huge mistake as we all learn as we go along. From that experience, you now recognize that we want to assure privacy for all members on the forum. That’s why we ask that details of listings (other than the last-minute category) are not shown in posts. I’m sorry to hear that you were criticized by a member.

TO ALL FORUM MEMBERS: If you are ever disrespected in a DIRECT MESSAGE by another member, please notify @Angela_L as that will not be tolerated. Comments made publicly are always moderated and action take by moderators, if necessary. We strive to assure this is always a warm, welcoming, and respectful community.


Thank you @Snowbird

We will not tolerate disrespectful or unkind member to member or member to staff behavior under any circumstances.


Hello I don’t know how to tag someone but has seen a very odd listing……how do i report it? As mentioned before a simple ‘Report’ button would make it much quicker and simpler…….

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Hi @Dianatravels you can direct message me or any of the other forum moderators to report a listing that requires attention. We will forward this information to our Membership Services team so they can contact the owner of the listing and resolve the issue. Or you can contact Membership Services directly HERE to report it.

I will share your feedback regarding the request for a “report” button with the team.

Hi @Julie_A
Thanks - yes if you can forward the listing on that would be great. I am also seeing several listings where there are pics of the pets only…if there was a simple Report button I’d hit it, but can’t be bothered to contact you with every slightly off listing :slightly_smiling_face:
Kind regards

HI @Dianatravels
Thank you for your help. I have also forwarded your suggestion of a ‘report’ button to our product team. Much appreciated.

yes, such a button would be great.
I have seen various sits where others were present in the house, once even a child under 18.
Not everyone will know how to report this and such inappropriate “pet sits” might go ahead.
@moderators: That sit with the minor in the house is now gone from the website, I think someone must have intervened, thankfully.