How do we report a dodgy sounding sit?

I was just perusing potential sits in Sydney, Australia and found one which sounded okay except for the line “please note, my mother will be staying in the house during the said period”. The ‘house’ is a two bedroom flat…
Is there a way to alert THS admin to this so they can contact the owner? Frankie the 'bot was no help. I wouldn’t like anyone to end up in a sitting situation like this because they didn’t read the fine print in the post.


Hi @Dee thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please forward the listing link to one of the Admin Team via Direct Message or forward to the Membership Services Team using the support email address …

It would be great to have a red flag button on posts- I find so many that say they have cameras inside the house, asking for money, or like this one have others staying in the home. I know I am not going to apply for the sit, but it would be nice to flag these for admin to review.


@DawgsandPaws Love this idea! I will pass it on :smiling_face:


It’s not a new suggestion. I and others have been mentioning it for a few years.


@Angela_L It would be good policy to have new listings from new HOs go through a vetting process before they can be published. It’s been clear to me that HOs don’t read the TOS.

My first sit had a family member drop by unannounced while I was sleeping. Let himself into the house. Didn’t knock.

I withdrew from a sit recently due to the HO insisting on getting a copy of my Driver’s license on unsecured email.

And so on.


Hi @Lulubelle there are a number of conversations about listings … here is one

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@Angela_L good to know!

YES – THIS would be very helpful. Apparently THS does not review sits that are listed (!!) and we need an EASY way to report ones that are in violation of THS rules.



I’m sorry to disagree with you Angela, but THS does not always catch flaws in new listings.

I’m in the middle of trying to get THS to fix a clear violation to the THS rules against 3rd parties in the home during a sit.

This issue involves a brand new listing and although I’ve brought it to the attention of support – along with screenshots proving that their father will be sharing laundry and backyard spaces while the sitters would be there – the listing is still live.

THS support has not answered my two most recent messages, and I remain hopeful that THS does the right thing and removes this dishonest homeowner’s listing.

I will continue to reach out to support, but to the moderators here on the forum, @Carla_C or @Jenny_V any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello @KenandMary1998 Thank you for helping make sure all listings meet the site terms, we appreciate you raising this.

I had a look into this one for you and I can see that Membership Services reached out to the owners after you raised it with them and they let you know that is what they would be doing. This has led the owner to change the arrangements with the third party while the sitter will be there and this is why the listing is still up.

I hope that helps reassure you about this listing and I am sorry you have not yet heard back from the Membership Services team regarding your latest email, I will ask them to reach back out to you. Thank you.

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@Carla_C Thank you for responding. However, can you tell me how the homeowners are changing how their father lives while the sitters are there?

In their original listing, they clearly stated that the father will have access to the washer-dryer that is in the sitter’s space AND the back yard for his dog – all while the sitters are out there with the homeowners’ dogs.

So – and I mean this respectfully – how in the world is that not in violation of the THS no 3rd party policy?

Unless, in your statement that “This has led the owner to change the arrangements with the third party while the sitter will be there…” So, does that mean the father will not be living there while sitters are there?

I literally saw a sit this morning where they were leaving their teenage son in the home and the sitters were expected to take him to and from school as well as care for the pets :rofl:
Don’t worry though they said he is very independent. This is at like a police level safeguarding issue.

Honestly I nearly dropped my breakfast it was totally bizarre. HOW is an ad like that approved with ‘vigorous vetting procedures of all ads’

It was in Milwaukee US - they’re still looking for a sitter


@Enjaybee We hope you sent this link to member services so they can inform the homeowners about THS’s 3rd person policy.

They have changed the listing, no mention of the son now. :+1:

@KenandMary1998 yes I did but the whole process of reporting ads is a pain and not very straightforward :persevere:

@Shannon yes I noticed it was back minus the bit about the son but I reckon some poor sitter will be in for a surprise when they probably drop it into conversation or in the welcome guide :anguished:

I have seen this kind of sit over the years. Thank goodness you didn’t drop your breakfast :rofl:

Hi @KenandMary1998

I just wanted to pop on and reply as @Carla_C is offline at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:

The Forum is a place for peer-to-peer support rather than being an extension of Membership Services, so this kind of question would be best sent to MS. I’d recommend dropping them another line if you haven’t already, so they can give you the information that they need.

While Carla and I are always happy to elevate member service voices wherever possible, our job as Community Managers is to look after the Forum and its members and make sure that they know the right place to go for any information that our members can’t help with.

I hope MS are able to give you the answers you need!


Hi Angela,
Your 'manual approval system needs a shake up. I just found another rule breacher in Sydney…
It is likely either or both of our 18yo and 20yo sons will be in the house while you sit our pets and live in our property. If this bothers you then best not to apply. Though I thank you for clicking in to check us out, in case you change your mind!
This seems to be a new member (no feedback) and there are already some applicants! Of the 2 dates listed one doesn’t include an overnight stay either. I have reported this one also, but thought I should let you know as well…

Any photos of them? Maybe in bathing trunks?

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