This is weird…

Just read a few posts about sits that didn’t go ahead ‘cos of :microbe: and saw a good point about how having no review for such a sit could look like speaking volumes by omission. The recommendation was to contact THS to get the sit removed.
“I will do that” I thought & tracked the one sit that needs removing; when I found it & clicked on the listing, it’s completely different people!
My HOs for the sit were a retired British couple with a dog or two in Gloucestershire and the record linked to that sit is now a young couple from USA & Canada in France with cats :hushed:. OK, the pets might change and the HOs might move abroad but they don’t get 30 years younger and change their countries of origin. This is 100% not the sit that I applied for and was chosen for but they cancelled before the start date.
What on Earth has gone wrong there?

@Saltrams this is a question for membership services I’m afraid. I’ll tag @Therese-Moderator so that she can look into and pass this on to the team for you tomorrow when she’s back online. Alternatively, you can directly email them at

Sounds like an odd one… hope you get it resolved :slight_smile:

Thank you yet again @Vanessa-ForumCMgr. Are you doing anything except helping me today😂?
I’ll await the outcome of your tagging; no sense duplicating.

You’re keeping me on my toes :rofl:


LOL, this made me think of targeted advertising. Like when you look at something on Amazon but don’t buy. Suddenly they’re offering you alternates that may also fit your needs. :slight_smile:

Hi @Saltrams, I’m not sure if this is another weird thing but when I click on your profile linked to the forum, knowing you have said you’re in Italy, it comes up as a couple in Cheltenham, UK.