Listing photos and descriptions

Hi @Nina unless a member is combined it can be hard to know how each side works. Listings do have minimum photo and word count requirements. If either of these are “short changed” the member will get an error message and will need to complete before a listing goes to approvals. This is a universal requirement and doesn’t vary from country to country.

All new listings go through a manual approved system, existing listings don’t and will be published when new dates are added.

Editing: In the same way that sitter members can edit their profiles, pet parents/owners can edit their home listings, can remove and change images and change copy once approved/created.

Existing listings can be published just by adding new dates. These listings would likely have been created before any minimum requirements were introduced, which would account for any “missing” images.

The blog has some really helpful articles for pet parents/owners to help guide them to create a great listing … like this one

And advice about imagery too …

The same help is available for sitters when creating their profiles.

We hope this helps answer some of the questions around photos and listings.