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If a HO already knows that they are going with a previous sitter is there any way for them not to publish the house sit listing or to flag it as a “courtesy post”? I have applied to several recent sits when a posting goes up and closes very quickly and the HO responds that they have chosen a previous sitter. I think that currently they still have to post the listing in order to get the benefits that the THS platform offers and be able to do reviews, but in cases like this all of the other applicants are spending time to apply to a sit that is not really available. It seems that there should be a way to avoid this and only “publish” sits that are really open to all sitters. I certainly understand why a homeowner would want to use a proven sitter, but would prefer not to spend time applying in cases like that. Perhaps there could be functionality where the sits are created in the system , but not published and the chosen sitter could be assigned.

Totally agree.
One sit in Germany was posted
We were the first ones that applied.
We had been reading hs reviews .
Just by luck I had a look at their calenders.
For the dates advertised.
They were all free
Within 3 hrs and 8 replies.
The sit was filled by a previous sitter
Who booked the same dates as the hs needed.
Ours wasn’t even opened
Seems a waste of time and effort .


As an owner i can send a private message only to sitters i already know or who live next door, and ask them If they are available during the period i need them. I use that possibility when i’ m away for only a week, then i try to find sitters not too far away on the list of sitters (as we can select the ones who live in such and such countries/cities)


Thats thoughtful of you.

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I think yes is the simple answer. I have done repeats where the HO has offered me the sit without it being published.


That is nice of you to do that. But in cases like that, it was my understanding that unless you list/publish the sit, you can’t do reviews, be covered by the insurance or the special vet line. Am I not understanding that correctly?

Even If you choose directly some sitter, of course you do it officially. The sitter, once s/he accepts
the invitation, THS registers it then feed backs , vetline work normally. Angela may confirm

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Thanks! Then I have no idea why HOs post these sits. I guess they don’t understand how to use the system most efficiently.

I assume many HO don’t read the FAQ. The rules, the help

I arrived yesterday in a new sit, was invited for dinner and the HO told me she NEVER wrote a feed back, as she never knew what to write, she gave only stars, explaining when sitters asked for a feed back, she was often busy and forgot…
I tried to explain her how IMPORTANT it is to receveive feed backs from owners. I remember Lynda, a HO from London, who on this forum explained us lately she did not find the reviews enough to judge the quality of sitters, but no feed back at all ???
i hope my insisting will make this HO change, I will dare ask her a feed back.
As a sitter, I don’t understand her position, as an owner, either !!!


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Great topic and to answer a couple of points; only sits confirmed through the site include all of the benefits of the site, reviews etc., if an owner has a current account there is no reason for them to go off site unless of course the sitter’s account has expired and they have an existing relationship but the sitter would not have access to the site or be able to use the vet line.

Owners can invite sitters privately which will keep their listing from going public and receiving additional applications.

We are constantly looking at all functionality and appreciate feedback like this it’s how we get the product working for member


@puglieseme If you read the former posts, Angela and i have explained it is possible