Rejection Based on Bias?

@PaperStan , I completely understand what you’re saying. Like you, I have been hurt on occasion by interactions or the lack of between myself and a pet owner. It’s hard when you are a sensitive type, which I am, but please don’t take these to heart. There are also many kind, wonderful owners, as you have already seen, who will welcome you and your son. Keep applying. And if you would like some feedback on your profile, post it in your forum profile and experienced members will reply with tips to help you make it shine.
Here are the instructions: How to add your THS profile to your forum profile

Your remarks about inclusivity make me think of a unique application experience I had. Because the owner regularly received so many applications, most of them already checking all the necessary boxes, to ensure a connection with whomever was selected, the owner chose to probe further and asked what issues were important to me and what my values were. I was intrigued, replied, we set up a video call, I got the sit which was lovely, and I’ve been asked back.

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