Responsibility getting from Airport to Sit

Hi @SandC and @Ketch We live in a small town which is self sufficient in food, having 2 small supermarkets, a corner shop, butcher baker, delicatessen, paper shop, milk delivered 3 x week, newspapers daily and fish weekly. Several hairdressers and barbers, dentists, vet, doctors, chemist and optician along with some dress shops a pet shop, museum and library. There is a bus service to the nearest big town, but not very frequent. I have no worries that’s she will be fine without a car as I lived here for years without one. It is just getting her here which is the problem

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We have offered to collect house sitters to /from train stations but not from airports. We feel that this is a reasonable middle ground. We also offer house sitters to arrive a few days before we leave and to stay after the sit if that helps them with the logistics of their next location.


Have you ever used Rome 2 Rio? I love that site for getting basic point to point transportation options.


Rome2Rio’s awesome & super useful for trying to choose all the options.

I feel it’s my responsibility to get from the airport/train station etc to a sit. I was met at a station in The UK for a pre sit meet up but was coming back for the sit w a vehicle so it wasn’t an issue.


Many thanks @Kelownagurl my husband has been trying to find out from the internet.

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That would be very difficult for me - I can’t drive. :thinking:

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Hi @Amparo, you mentioned:

“In the UK, I usually make me way to the closest station, I have walked or taken a taxi to the home.”

How far have you had to walk?

If I am traveling light I will walk during the day up to 1.5. It is rare though, as HO will usually pick up or I will take public transport.
I have had a couple of occasions where I found myself a bit uncomfortable (late at night or difficulty finding address).
That’s when I meet “travel angels” aka good people who help.

I have had house owners picking me up from bus stations and train stations and airports. If they offer then I accept.but would never ask.