Reviewing sits

I was having a browse of the sits that have been advertised over the weekend and came across a strange review. The sitter had only given the pet owner four stars but had written a glowing report on the animals and their communication. Then went on to be very negative about the weather, the beaches and the area in general.
Surely that is not the pet owners fault. Research should have been done on all these things before even applying for the sit. All the information about the area is on the web as it is a popular tourist destination. Did they just see the destination and jump in without considering the time of year and environment they would be going into? Tropical paradises have bad weather months as well.
I think this is very unfair to the pet owner and all reviews should be rated on the experience with the pets and owners. Yes, comment on the area and the experience of living there but don’t rate the owner because no research was done and the island wasn’t how they expected it to be.
How do you rate your sits?


Hi @ElsieDownie I’m going to move this to Feedback also as you raise a very pertinent point and something to use in a “Guide To Giving Feedback”

Thank you for posting.

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