Reviews/External References

Over the years I have raised my concern that the yellow stars on a reference are almost the same as the yellow asterisks on an external review.

I have always thought it very misleading and at first glance it can appear that sitters have reviews (from THS homeowners) rather than references (from friends and family). It would be helpful if at least they were different colours to avoid confusion.

Now to my main point - I checked my listing today and the references and reviews all show as yellow stars. No more asterisks.

We all know reviews carry more weight than external references. It would be a very brave friend or family member who left a sitter less than a five rating.

I hope this makes sense but happy to clarify further if needed.


And mine all show as purple stars, or shall I say “Budgie Blurple” :slight_smile:
And yes, I agree, something different for reviews versus external reviews, whether it be shape or colors, would be better than all the same.