Sammy the tennis playing Spaniel

'So its across to centre court Wimbledon where the champion Andy Murray has been completely flat footed by rank (well bad breath anyway!) outsider Sammy the Spaniel who has brought his unconventional style into play rising through the rankings and virually unknown outside of his own back garden. So as the crowd falls deathly quiet its Sammy to serve …and Murray had no chance with that follow through…game…set…match. Sammy leaps the net in absolute joy and takes home the coveted trophy…oh and a can of Pal!


@carpediem Spaniels are mad for tennis balls! I have had 6 English Springer spaniels over the years, all rescues. I also fostered for a while, and one smaller springer was so driven to chase a ball, he was eventually taken by the Police in Scotland and trained as a sniffer dog.

My second spaniel was called Prince! or Mr P to his pals.

A couple of pictures of my own Spaniels, to keep the ball rolling…


Oliver, the B+W in the picture, would find a tennis ball every time he went out. There must be a certain scent, he would dissappear into the bushes and come out with a ball.


That put a smile on my face! Those dogs are so ‘wired’ …lovely photos and thanks for sharing


@Petermac I think my younger son may have been a Springer in a previous life - he shares Oliver’s talent for finding a ball in the bushes everywhere we go!